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Reducing Digital Marketing Due To COVID-19? Read This First

Nick LeRoy writes about the impact that COVID-19 is having various businesses marketing budgets. He further explains why pulling from digital might not be the best choice.

5 Biggest SEO Tips & Techniques for 2020 [PODCAST]

Tim Brown invites Nick LeRoy to the Hook Agency podcast. They discuss five tips and techniques relevant to any niche wanting to be more visible in Google for 2020+.

How To Coduct A Content Migration Audit

Nick LeRoy writes about the process he takes to conduct a content migration audit. Don't guess, use data to safely keep or retire content when you're going through a site migration.

2 SEO Experts. 20 Years of Expereince

Abby Reimer and Nick discuss his SEO 10+ years career in SEO. She writes about lessons learned and tips that anyone in the SEO industry will find interesting.

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