eCommerce SEO Audits


This audit is best for eCommerce websites looking to enhance revenue attributed to the organic search channel. eCommerce sites commonly cause significant crawling and indexing problems for search engines. Duplication, thin content and over indexation are very common issues 

Non eCommerce SEO Audits

This audit is best for sites focused on generating leads and driving brand awareness through content generation. A technical SEO audit can address key issues commonly seen on these sites such as server level errors, page level optimization and even local SEO (Google map listings) 

The SEO Audit Process

Breaking Down The Audit

Indexation Analysis
XML Sitemaps
Server Codes
Canonical Tags
Meta Robots Directives
Site Architecture
Internal Linking
HREFLang (if applicable)
URL Structure
Template Rendering
Title Tags
Meta Descriptions
Header Tags
Image/Video Optimization
Site Security
Site Speed
Structured Data
Product Schema
Local Map Listings
Faceted Navigation
(BONUS) Link Analysis
as a bonus i'll do a high level link assessment of your web property
(BONUS) Content Analysis
As a bonus i'll do a high level analysis of your content and identify any quick wins

Audit Testimonials

Switcher Studio hired Nick to do a technical SEO audit. After only a few short weeks, Nick delivered a thorough assessment of key areas with additional context on which had the most opportunity. I really enjoyed working with Nick and would recommend his help for anyone looking for organic opportunities!

Wendy Parrish Head of Sales & Marketing, Switcher Studio

Nick LeRoy is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable SEO. We have been blown away by how detailed and in-depth his SEO audits are. He doesn't miss a thing. Nick is well known in the SEO community as one of the top experts in technical SEO, and he's probably the nicest, friendliest, and most trustworthy guy you'll ever meet. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for SEO help.

Darren Shaw Owner, Whitespark

No website is too large for Nick and he recommended scalable solutions which I appreciate. I highly recommend working with Nick for your technical needs.

Travis Miniker Owner, Streamflow

The SEO audits that Nick conducts are not your run-of-the-mill checklists you see from agencies and junior consultants. Nick has the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide an in-depth SEO audit, while prioritizing and aligning the audit findings to the businesses goals. Even as a Director of SEO, I would never second guess an opportunity to leverage Nick's knowledge and experience to drive short and long term results.

Kyle Faber SEO Director,

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