Level Up Your Existing SEO Efforts

Have an existing SEO team but have questions, concerns or need validation on your current SEO initiatives? level up one (or all) of the following:

  • SEO product review / feedback
  • Standard Operation Procedures (SEO SOPs)
  • Difficult SEO Projects/Situations
  • Client/In-House Communication (Getting Buy-In)
  • SEO Education
  • Individual Career Advancement/Training
  • QA/validate SEO agency strategy/work

The SEO Advisor Process

Nick and your leadership team will meet to discuss the current state of your SEO program. What’s working well and what area’s exist for improvement.

Nick will work directly with your in-house SEO team or the agency/consultant you actively work with. We’ll discuss the existing SEO strategy, current performance and roadmaps. At this point we’ll also align on a regular meeting cadence.

Nick will work with the team directly to establish agenda items prior to the recurring meetings. This will often revolve around existing SEO efforts whether it be developing strategy, getting buy-in, execution, and or discussing the latest in search engine updates.

Have questions? Nick is available to the team via preferred method of communication. Many times this includes Slack, Gchat or Teams to ensure timely communication.

As Nick continues to work with your in-house or agency/consultant, he will set up recurring meetings with the leadership team. Nick will provide candid feedback and updates as to what is working well and areas of improvement that still exist.

SEO Advisory Engagements

SEO Advisory retainers start at $3,000.00 per month with a 3-month commitment. 

No long-term commitments. Utilize Nick’s SEO experience to solve short-term and or long-term company issues. Nick has worked with agency teams as well as individuals within in-house roles that lack resources to bounce ideas off or recommendations for getting project buy-in.

Note that this service is best suited for companies that already have SEO staff internally or are already engaged with an SEO agency. This engagement is not hourly based but for a set amount of strategic meetings to help validate/develop and triage existing SEO efforts.

Advisory Testimonials

Nick has been an indispensable asset as part of the Wix SEO Advisory Board. The feedback and expertise he has offered around our SEO product has helped support millions of Wix users and has helped push the web itself forward.

Mordy Oberstein Head of SEO Branding, Wix

"Working with Nick has been a game-changer for my business. Nick describes himself as an SEO advisor, but his expertise goes beyond search engine optimization - he understands the bigger picture of running a successful business and makes every decision as such.

AJ Silber CEO, Small Business Bonfire

We've reached a point where our confidence in our work has significantly increased; the initial phase of our engagement has been a resounding success! Collaborating with Nick has been an absolute joy, and we are so grateful for his contributions

Cassie Burke Director, Content/SEO, Augurian

Our partnership with Nick has been invaluable on many levels for Overlap. From partnering on client projects to then having him as a consultant and advisor for our team. This guy knows his stuff and we trust him. On top of all that he is honest, easy to work with, and has now become a great friend. I would highly recommend Nick!

Derrick Castro - Partner, Overlap Interactive

It has been extremely refreshing to have the outside help of a seasoned SEO veteran advising our younger Hook Agency team members.

Tim Brown Owner, Hook Agency

I was introduced to Nick my first year in SEO, when I was just learning the ropes. Nick offered invaluable advice on how to navigate this amazing and tumultuous industry, and his feedback helped me grow as a professional. Years later, I'm proud to call Nick a mentor. He consistently shows up to offer advice on tricky topics and validate my experiences. I appreciate his time and try my best to pay it forward!

Abby Riemer SEO Manager, Uproer

As a SEO Strategist under Nick's guidance/mentorship I was able to make the jump from being able to provide generic technical SEO recommendations to being the subject matter expert on technical SEO tasks. Last year I landed a new job as SEO Manager, and I credit most of it to the skills I've picked up by working closely with Nick."

Nick Marcatelli SEO Manager, Internet Brands

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