Forget about everything you think you know about SEO.  Nothing matters more than the return you see from your SEO investments – regardless the size.  Is your website technically SEO sound? Does your content offer value to the site visitor? Are you measuring and benchmarking organic channel Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?  These are all traits of a well optimized website.  If your SEO consultant or agency isn’t meeting these basic requirements then it’s time to consider a change.   Unfortunately, you can’t hire Nick.

Who’s Nick LeRoy?

Nick LeRoy is a seasoned SEO consultant with a history of generating millions of dollars through the organic search channel.  With experience working with world renown brands such as Betty Crocker as well as local Minneapolis based electricians – Nick has built and implemented profitable SEO strategies within all budgets and project scopes.

Haven’t I Seen Your Face Before?

Years ago, Nick was a moderator at the well respected – unfortunately known today at   You may have also seen interviews or SEO related posts on popular sites such as Point Blank SEO,, Moz, Search Engine Journal and High Rankings.

Nick LeRoy featured

Didn’t You Once Blog About Blackhat and Affiliate Stuff?

When Nick isn’t working on his enterprise level SEO clientele, he’s building much smaller (but very profitable) affiliate/lead generation sites.  Nick use to actively blog on this very site about ranking is extremely competitive verticals, buying links, and sourcing SEO related tasks on the cheap.  After years of of seeing his ideas get ripped off, negative SEO attempts and recognizing very little monetary value to blogging he’s nearly stopped.  If you keep an open eye – you might find a new post with an actionable piece of advice from time to time.

Didn’t You Use To Offer Ridiculously Cheap SEO Audits?

Yes, Yes he did.  He still might do one for you if you ask nicely.   Below are some nice testimonials from previous projects.:

darren-testimonial “Nick is one of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and efficient technical SEOs I’ve ever met. We have worked with him on many SEO audits and he always delivers excellent advice that get great results for our clients. If you want to take your audits to the next level, I highly recommend working with Nick.”Darren Shaw, Owner –


“I received an incredible amount of valuable information before, during, and after contracting Nick for one of his signature SEO reports. The information I received was well beyond my expectations. Not only did he give me the report as discussed but he went beyond the call of duty by providing a true roadmap to the betterment of my website…I am extremely comfortable with my purchase of Nick’s services and I am confident that you will too.”Brian Cheaney  Executive Management –

I’m Looking For A Minneapolis SEO – Can I Hire You!?

Nick doesn’t offer independent consulting anymore.  If you are an enterprise level client with significant budget looking to kick ass in the SERPs you can reach out to Nick via his full time gig at Ovative/group.  While Nick exclusively works on the SEO team – O/g is properly staffed to handle SEO, SEM, Affiliate, and Display advertising for the largest of brands.