Can You Be Found In The Search Engines?

Did you know there are hundreds of factors that determine a websites "ranking" in the search engines?

Find out what your website is doing right and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Technical SEO audits start at $499.99

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What To Expect From Your Technical SEO Audit

Upon receiving your custom SEO audit you will first notice an in-depth analysis of 15 SEO elements that YOU have complete control over. This report (built specifically for your website) will show exactly what your site is doing right and where your site needs additional help. Not only will the audit outline where your websites shortcoming are but every SEO audit delivered by Nick includes a road map for fixing errors and a strategy for maximizing value from each element within the website.

The four elements described below are just a small sample of what you will see covered in your technical SEO audit.

Recurring Content

"Content is king". If you've ever talked to a SEO professional before then you've likely heard this phrase. Quality recurring content helps build authority to your website through inbound links and social signals. Recurring content also offers an opportunity for search engine spiders to revisit a website routinely.


Website Architecture

Sometimes referred to as "content siloing" this strategy helps maximize the SEO value of your website. A well laid out site architecture not only helps with the search engines but nearly every time helps build a better website for your visitors to navigate.


Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can cause multiple concerns in regards to a websites SEO. In an ideal situation all content on your website is 100% unique and cannot be found on any other websites.


Site Speed Optimization

Websites that load fast not only offer a better visitor experience but also can give you a leg up in your search rankings.