Which newsletters are the best to help tay up to date with the SEO industry?

  • August 8, 2023
  • Nick LeRoy

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Naturally I’m a bit biased when I say that newsletters are one of the best sources for staying up to date with SEO industry updates. This post provides newsletters that also complement the resources I shared last week on how to best stay connected in the SEO industry

The newsletters listed below are all of the ones I’m personally signed up for. While I’m normally not a newsletter person, I was shocked at how many I am signed up for and actually read. 

1. #SEOForLunch
Written by Nick LeRoy and sent out each Tuesday.  You can expect recaps of all major search engine updates, unique thought pieces from Nick’s 14+ year SEO career, and fresh SEO job listings each week.

Written by Aleyda Solis and sent out each Sunday. Aleyda covers critical search engine updates, top articles written by SEOs in the industry, job listings, free/new tools and even giveaways. Enjoyed by 27K+ subscribers.

3. RankTheory
Written by Sean Markey, RankTheory is a “stupid newsletter” that contains a lot of character. Sometimes his ramblings, I mean insights reminds me of how I write. So naturally this is a must have then 🙂

4. SEONotebook
Written by Steve Toth, Steve shares at minimum one SEO insight each week from his .. you got it, notebook.  Great insights from a great SEO consultant. 

5. Growth Memo
Written by Kevin Indig, Kevin goes beyond SEO in his newsletter which is something I really appreciate.  Kevin is someone I very much respect and anytime I can get a glimpse inside his head, I take it!

6. Eli’s Newsletter 
Written by Eli Schwartz, Eli, similar to Kevin is another great mind that I love to pick. While you may not have access to his and my text messages, you can read his thoughts on various SEO topics in his weekly newsletter

7. The SEO Sprint
Written by Adam Gent, Adam’s career has largely focused on the account/project management side of SEO. What I absolutely love about his content is his focus on getting shit down. Without getting buy-in and execution, nobody wins.

Written by Tom Critchlow, the SEOMBA is a goldmine of advice for leveling up the business end of all SEO professionals. Emails are are not routine but when they go out, I promise you want to read what Tom is writing.

9. Search News You Can Use
Written by Marie Haynes, her newsletter has been around nearly as long as mine. I’ve known Marie for over 10 years and she is another brilliant mind for all things algorithms and even AI and how its integrating into search. Between this email and her podcast, she provides all sorts of gems. 


10. Women in Tech SEO Community Newsletter
Written by Areej, I continue to hear rave reviews from the WOTS group including its newsletter. For obvious reasons, I am not apart of this group*, but I have recommended it to all women both new and existing to the industry.  Shout-out to Areej for the safe and amazing community!

*Update!  I talked to Areej last night (also here at MozCon) and the newsletter is for ANYONE regardless of their gender. I’ve signed up and recommend you do too!