Google & Getty Images Agree on Multi Year Partnership – SEOForLunch Issue #67

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Issue #67
February 13th, 2018

Hey, lunch buddies.  Last week sucked!  I had my $2000 laptop stolen from my car.  While I’m fortunate enough to have had all my files synced to the cloud it’s such a pain to set up a new computer and get things back to “normal”.   Not exactly what I was looking forward to doing given I’m already on a short work week.

Just a reminder, I’ll be on vacation next week taking my kiddos to Disney World.  There will be no #SEOForLunch next week.  However, once I’m back I’ll be sharing with all of you my next SEO giveaway!

More details to come.  Enjoy this week’s updates:

What You Need To Know

Article: Google & Getty Images Complete a Multi Year Agreement

What’s important?
Per Greg Sterling’s article: The newly announced deal was characterized by Getty as “a multi-year global licensing partnership, enabling Google to use Getty Images’ content within its various products and services.” As part of that deal, Google will be using Getty images across many of its “products and services.”

Nick’s take:
Normally I avoid this kind of “news” but anytime Google partners up with a large entity I continue to wonder what and how this can impact future search results.  Might we start to see more stock images in “picture” or “photo” related search queries?

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

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