Google Launches Updated Site Speed Tool – SEOForLunch Issue #63

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Issue #63
January 16th, 2018

Hey, lunch buddies.  Who watched the Vikings game on Sunday?  Oh My God.  What a finish!  I’m so pumped for next week.  Bring on the Eagles. #SKOL

Outside of the game, my wife and I had a rare child-free Saturday night.  It was a great opportunity to go out and hang out with a few friends.  It was just another reminder of the value that work/life balance adds to your life.

Now to this weeks SEO news…

What You Need To Know

Article: Google Launches Updated Page Speed Tool

What’s important?
Google’s now giving us two different page speed data points. FCP – First Contentful Paint and DCL – DOM Content Loaded.

Nick’s take:
I can’t say it enough. Page Speed Is IMPORTANT!  If your site takes longer than 5+ seconds to load it should be a top priority for your team in 2018.  Starting with this tool is a great start for baselining current load times.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Why Repointing Links Still Matters in 2018 – Built Visible
This article continues to prove the value of maintaining links from old domains.  Ever wondered if you can remove redirects?  This article should help you quickly come to an answer.

Does JavaScript Impact Crawl Budget –
SEOs continue to push the boundaries of JavaScript and I absolutely love it!  From GTM to link sculpting, JavaSript continues to challenge SEO best practices.  Bartosz makes a bold claim about JavaScript and Crawl Budget.  Even Google reps are reaching out to him to add clarity to his tests results.

Pagination Tunnels an Experiment in Crawlability and Click Depth –
Two great test related articles in one week.  This one focuses on the value of pagination and various ways to implement it in order to maximize SEO value.  Which do you think offers the most value to a site?

That’s everything for this week folks.  If you want to read previous issues of the #SEOForLunch I publish them with only a week or two delay on

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