Google Removes Hundreds of Publishers from Google News – SEOForLunch Issue #62

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Issue #62
January 9th, 2018

Hey, lunch buddies.  I’m super excited.  Just yesterday, Google announced that they were sharing the Google Search Console Beta with everyone.  The release states you’ll get an email once the Beta is available for your web properties.  So if your search console email address isn’t up to date I highly suggest you make that change as soon as your done with this weeks newsletter.

OK. Enough dorking out… on to what you’re really looking for this week. Let me know if you like the new format too!

What You Need To Know

Article: Hundreds of News Publishers Removed From Google News

What’s important?
Reports are showing webmasters receiving alerts that their websites are no longer included in Google’s news.  Some webmasters have been removed from Google News without even being alerted.  No statement has yet been made by Google representatives.

Nick’s take:
Do you run a news site?  If so you will want to check the Google Publisher Center to see what your status is with Google News.  Content within Google News gets prominent visibility in the organic portion of the search results.  Losing your inclusion will undoubtedly hurt your sites organic performance.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Search Advertising Enters 2018 On the Cusp of The Renaissance –
It’s not uncommon to read about “SEO being dead” but another to hear that search advertising is dying as well.  Brandon Verblow of Forrester gives 5 reasons why he believes search advertising will decrease in 2018 and beyond.

Do You Have A Shot at Ranking For That Phrase? –
Eric Enge explains what factors you should keep in consideration when you’re deciding what keyword phrases to optimize your website for.  If you’ve never considered relevance when deciding what keywords to target, then this article should be at the top of your “must read” list for the week.

Why Link Volume Targets For SEO Aren’t A Great Idea –
Richard Baxter and the team at Built Visible always write quality articles.  This one is no different.  Richard goes into detail explaining why you should focus on more than sheer quantity of backlinks for your SEO campaign.  Your focus really needs to be on the quality of links.  I’ve personally seen top rankings achieved by adding a small handful of quality links taking over sites that have 10x the amount of links but of a fraction of value/quality.

How Sarah Jones Grew Her SEO Traffic 8k-40k in 4 Months –
Ever think that your too late in the SEO game to get meaningful results?  Sarah assumed she needed to spend $8,000 + with an SEO firm to see traction in organic search.  What she ended up getting was a reduction in organic search visibility, a headache, and a lighter wallet.  She started to take SEO into her own hands and in 4 months drove 4x the organic traffic she originally had.

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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