Don’t Use Generic Disavow Files for SEO – SEOForLunch Issue #59

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Issue #59
December 12th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  I read a very interesting tweet this past week.  Dan Kim had calculated that for parents who work remotely vs commute each day to work get an extra 40 days a year to spend with their kids.  Of course, you can replace kids with anything else and it starts to resonate how much time we spend in our cars each day.  I personally have taken to working remotely when my schedule allows which allows me to slowly claw those hours back.  What tips/hacks do you have to achieve a work-life balance?

On a different note, this week is full of excitement at the Ovative/group office this week.  We celebrate our annual Shenanigans day this coming Friday!  For those that do not know what Shenanigans day is, take a look at our official website dedicated to the day. This day is geared towards celebrating a great year of work and an even greater day of fun.  It’s most definitely worth the drive to work! 🙂

What You Must Know

Article: Google doesn’t suggest using generic disavow files

What’s important?
John Mueller was recently asked if it was a good idea to submit a generic disavow file to Google to prevent any potential linking penalties to a site. The short answer is NO but you can hear the full response on his Google Hangout video.

Nick’s take:
It’s my opinion that the Penguin algorithm (link based) now devalues links on the spot rendering disavow files unnecessary.   However, if you still find it appropriate to create and submit a disavow file you would be better off writing one from scratch and very specific to your site’s needs.  The last thing you want to do is disavow any links that actually offer value to your site.

SEO Tips & Advice

If I haven’t mentioned it 10 times before – Annie Cushing is AWESOME.  She’s my go-to resource for all things GA.  She’s done it again with her recent blog post about customizing your GA channel segments.

If you’ve ever wondered if (or how) you should create custom segments within GA this is the guide!

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  If you want to read previous issues of the #SEOForLunch I publish them with only a week or two delay on

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