No Timeline For Google Search Console Updates – SEOForLunch Issue #55

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Issue #55
November 14th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  I made it back in one piece from Las Vegas.  Pubcon was great!  When executing SEO strategy day in and day out its always fun to hang out with a huge group of like-minded people.  Shout out to those individuals I got to meet for the first time and for those I’ve seen many times before.

This week is full of playing catchup at work while also preparing for another short week.  As I mentioned in last weeks issue, I was in Pubcon over my anniversary so this upcoming long weekend I make it up to my wife by taking her to California.  If you have any tips/good eat reccos around the Huntington Beach area please let me know.

Enough about me – let’s get on with the goods!

What You Must Know

Article: Google Doesn’t Have A Timeline For Releasing The Updated Search Console

What’s important?
At Pubcon I was able to ask two separate Google employees when they anticipated the Beta Google Search Console to be re-released in full.  The response was a bit lack-luster.

Nick’s take:
If you’ve watched any videos, read articles or met Googler’s in person its no surprise when they offer an answer up that doesn’t add much value.  I can’t blame them but was hoping to get some sort of directional timeline for the new Search Console.  It is really that cool and will definitely add a layer of value that we haven’t had previously.

One extra note about GSC.  Did you know that the new console is being 100% re-written?  Gary Illyes at Pubcon did say that the team working on the platform was unwilling to build off the old code-base which is one reason why they likely aren’t rushing to launch it full force quite yet.

SEO Tips & Advice

The annual Local SEO Rankings factors report was published last week.  I’m by no means a local SEO expert but continue to find it incredibly interesting how the local algorithm compares to the traditional algorithm.

I’ll likely read through this report a few more times before I comprehend all the nuggets of information but I’m shocked at the value review comments are giving in local rankings.

If you are a business with physical locations and aren’t optimizing for local “map pack” rankings then you need to get started ASAP.  It’s a huge opportunity for prominent Google rankings.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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