SEO Value In Expired Content – SEOForLunch Issue #54

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Issue #54
November 7th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  I’m here in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Pubcon conference.  If anyone reading this wants to meet up for a drink, please respond to this email or tweet at me @nickleroy and let’s meet up.

Fun notes to recap my first day in Vegas (yesterday). 

  1. I’m here during my wedding anniversary – shoutout to the best wife ever.  Can’t wait to celebrate with you once I’m home.
  2. Daylight savings has been screwing with me huge.  My watch, phone, computer and hotel room all have different times on them.  I may or may not have been up at 5am this morning thinking it was 7am.
  3. I won $40.00 on the Lions vs Packers game.
  4. I received several “free” drinks playing $20.00 of video poker.
  5. I walked over 20,000 steps yesterday going up and down the Vegas strip.

All that and much more before the first session here at Pubcon even kicked off.   Looking forward to sharing more insights and tips with you guys in next weeks newsletter.

What You Must Know

Article: How to handle expired content

What’s important?
Do you have outdated content that is offering no or very limited value? Google’s John Mueller suggests that you 404 the page or potentially no-index the page or maybe leave it as ‘200’ status.

Nick’s take:
Wow. Not super helpful.  John basically is telling us that all options can be right for different websites depending on their specific situation.  So why include this link, Nick?  I’m going to attempt to give some clarity to this question.

If your site is small.  feel free to leave your content as 200 status. It’s not likely to impact your SEO.  If the content offers no value to your users or is harmful, redirect it to the next most relevant piece of content on your site.

medium to a large site?  Does the content get organic traffic? Does it have any inbound links?  If the answer is NO, feel free to remove or redirect to your destination of choice.  If the answer is YES then focus on updating the content to become relevant or leave it as is.

More than 100K pages?  Start pruning your site.  Delete/redirect these thin pages.  At this level you want to consider the impact it has on Google crawling your site’s content.  This is called optimizing your sites crawl budget.  You don’t want Google to crawl this old/no-value content at the expense of not crawling your new content being created.  In this instance, remove the thin content and add redirects.

SEO Tips & Advice

Limited data sucks. shows a hack for getting access to all of your GSC data without needing to know how to use clunky Google APIs.

This is awesome.  Google has rumored GSC data being available for the past year in an upcoming update.  However, until that time comes you should be pulling your GSC data (all of it) monthly.  This tool helps you get access to your full data without the headaches of using an API.  You now don’t have an excuse to not pull your data. Do it! 🙂

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  Can’t wait until next week’s newsletter!


Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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