Google Publishes Video Guide to Successful SEO – SEOForLunch Issue #39

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Issue #39
June 27th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  I’ve caught up on publishing the last 5+ newsletters on the site.  My goal is to be much better at scheduling these on the site more regularly.

This past Friday I went to the local MNSearch conference.  It had great speakers like Cyrus Shepherd, Marty Weintraub, Ross Simmonds and many more.  Overall it was a great conference and at just a few hundred dollars for a ticket, I still consider it one of the better value conferences in our industry.   My favorite speaker was probably Max Prinn, Head of Technical SEO at Merkle.  I love technical SEO and anytime I can geek out with others who “get-it” its simply a treat.

If anyone plans on going to MNSearch next year, hit me up, let’s grab a drink and chat shop!

What You Must Know

Article: YouTube Publishes Guide To Video ‘Search’ Success

What’s important?
Want to better understand how and why YouTube displays video content the way they do?  This guide helps you understand which components are so key when launching your videos.

Nick’s take:
Video SEO is important.  It’s an area that I personally haven’t devoted enough time to but will be a focus of mine for the back half of 2017.  I’m excited to test into the platform and running tests to maximize performance.

SEO Tips & Advice

Do you know what a 307 redirect is?  Better yet, do you know when you should be using a 307 vs 302 redirect? Yoast’s most recent video helps us understand when a redirect is temporary (302) or extremely temporary (307).

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  As always, feel free to connect with metweet meor hit reply to email me directly. I respond to all emails personally.


Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
Nick has 10+ years of SEO consulting experience building and executing strategies for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods to fashion entities with hundreds of physical store locations. He also writes the weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch that allows you to stay up to date with industry updates in the amount of time it takes you to eat your lunch.

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