Google Dropping Featured Snippet First Organic Listing – SEOForLunch Issue #33

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Issue #33
May 16th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  I hope you all had a great Mothers Day.  I took last Friday off to spend even more time with the family which was much needed.

On the work front it was another productive week.  Many deliverables handed over and good conversations moving projects forward.  Looking forward to the summer as we push forward launching several initiatives.

How was your Mothers Day? We’re you able to get away from the computer and invest in some quality family time?

What You Must Know

Article: Is Google Dropping the Organic Listing shown in The Featured Snippet?

What’s important?
Jennifer Slegg is reporting that in many instances when a site is displayed as the featured search result it no longer is displaying in the organic search results benieth it.

Nick’s take:
At this point in time it’s unknown if this is a large scale test or if Google is rolling this out slowly.  While its impossible to understand whether people were clicking on the featured snippet vs organic listing it will be interesting to see if it has an impact on total organic sessions to the page ranking in the featured snippets.

SEO Tips & Advice

I wanted to share a few images I came across that I found extremely interesting.

how does a user prefer to learn on the internet?
as a consultant with a lot of experience in “how-to” related content its a reminder that long form content isn’t always the best solution.  Continue to be creative in your niche and create resources that best answer your visitors questions and gives them the information in the easiest way to download it.

There are industries where desktop users are king!
There is no doubt that the internet is going the way of mobile devices.  However, its important to understand your industry and your visitors internet usage.   I once had a retail client whos primary audience was 50+.  You can only imagine how much organic referal traffic they received from Yahoo and Bing.  Gotta love those default search engine pages computer companies use.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  As always, feel free to connect with me, tweet me or hit reply to email me directly. I respond to all emails personally.


Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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