Google “Fred” Algo Update Launches March 8th – #SEOForLunch Newsletter Issue #25

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Issue #25
March 14th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  My apologies for not sending out the newsletter for the past two weeks.  My son was in the hospital and between the overnights and getting the larger family back to “normal” I had to let something go.

However, I’m back, back to playing with healthy kids, back to work and back to kicking butt.  I’m excited to push forward this week and get a lot of good work done.  What have you guys got on your plate this week?

What You Must Know

Article: March 8th saw the release of the Google “Fred” Update

What’s important?
From what we know so far, this update seems to be targeting websites that are monetization heavy in addition to being text heavy.   The theory is that this update targets sites that are created specifically for generating ad revenue as its first goal and a good user experience/value add as a secondary value.

Nick’s take:
For years people have been building MFA’s (Made for Adsense) sites.  A few years back I had several of these sites too and the Penguin and Panda updates really helped knock a lot of them out.  Many of these sites owners doubled down after these two updates and started adding unique content to the sites and pulled back on the questionable links.  This seemed to do the trick, adding a bit more cost but still netting substantial revenue from advertisements.

This update seems to be targeting smaller sites.  However, its worth annotating in your analytics on March 8th this update if your site relies heavy on Adsense.

SEO Tips & Advice

Rolling with the magical date of March 8th, my buddy Nick Eubanks published a great SEO case study on this date.  If you’re concerned that your site is “stuck” growing its organic traffic definitely read each word Nick wrote.

If you’re a seasoned SEO pro nothing in this post should be a surprise however everyone can read it use it as a reminder and motivation that hard work does produce results.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  As always, feel free to connect with me, tweet me or hit reply to email me directly. I respond to all emails personally.


Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
Nick has 10+ years of SEO consulting experience building and executing strategies for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods to fashion entities with hundreds of physical store locations. He also writes the weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch that allows you to stay up to date with industry updates in the amount of time it takes you to eat your lunch.

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  1. not sure who name this update but really better dead than fred . On a serious note if you keep your nose clean and your content is good this should not affect you

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