Google Interstitial Penalty Rolling Out Now! – #SEOForLunch Newsletter Issue #18

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Issue # 18
January 10, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies. I hope your New Year has started out well and that your full steam ahead tackling your 2017 goals.

Last week was a relatively low key week.  Wrapped up some reviews for people on the team and started looking over all the strategies in place for clients going into 2017.

At home, things continue to be low key as well (as “low key” as having 3 kids allows).  We spent the weekend continuing to clean up post x-mas and watching football.  I have a few small projects I’m working on including writing up a few new SEO posts.  More details on those to come.

What You Must Know

Article: Google To Devalue Sites Using Content Blocking Interstitials.
What’s important?
This is not new information, however, the big day has come.  As of today (1/10) Google is supposed to start devaluing sites leveraging content blocking interstitials.
Nick’s take:
I’m on the watch for this update,  I think this will have an only minor impact if any.  I have some clients that will continue to leverage large interstitials until they see an impact on their performance.  Just a reminder to be looking at your mobile traffic coming from Google.

SEO Tips & Advice

There is no question that I’m a big fan of the Screaming Frog toolset.  The folks over at Screaming Frog published a guide on how to effectively crawl JavaScript websites. As search engines continue to get more and more sophisticated, it allows developers to test the limits to their sites.  Despite JavaScript being crawlable, it’s critical that you validate that the engines are indeed seeing all components of your website.  This guide does a great job of walking you through step by step.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Have a great week guys.  Have questions or just want to chat? Feel free to message me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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