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Issue # 14
December 13th, 2016

Hey lunch buddies.  The countdown to Christmas begins.  It’s hard to believe we’re a little less than two weeks till the big day.  This past weekend we went out and got our tree.  Nothing too huge this year but a 9.5 footer will do the trick.  My wife and kids have also decided to put up two fake trees downstairs in addition to the small 1 footer my 5-year-old son has in his room.  I guess you can say that the Christmas spirit is in full swing at the LeRoy house.

Work is good.  Continuing to see great results for SEO campaigns targeting the holidays.  The #SEOForLunch newsletter received a new banner image and I’m in the process of completely relaunching  I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of the year.

This week also celebrates the 3rd annual Shenanigans day.  Shenanigans day was created by the owner of Ovative/group and is a day dedicated to having fun, relaxing and ultimately having a few too many beers with your co-workers.  Don’t forget to have a little fun – the digital world gets crazy at the holidays but make sure to take a step back and let your co-workers and employees know that you appreciate them.

What You Must Know

Article: Google Changing Image Size Requirements for Recipe Schema
What’s important?
Google has updated the recipe image size requirements to be able to qualify for rich snippets. The old size for recipes is 148px x 148pc minimum. The new image size for recipe schema is 185px x 185px minimum.
Nick’s take:
I’ve highlighted this article for selfish reasons.  I have multiple clients in the CPG recipe space and these are the types of updates that if you don’t catch can have a big impact on your sites organic performance.

While my clients will be fine some people in the recipe niche will be caught off guard.  If you are leveraging any recipe rich snippet plugins, you should make sure they are following the new image size too.  The consequence of not being up to date is having your rich snippets fall off the SERP.

SEO Tips & Advice

If you’re not using Screaming Frog, you need to stop reading this email and download it.  I get zero kickbacks for promoting SF but the tool is simply amazing and is one that no SEO should be without.  It’s only a little more than $100/year which is a great value.  I use the tool almost every single day.

Dan Sharp and team have launched yet another update to the SF tool this week.  I’ll let you read their own announcements but below is a quick bullet list of cool updates.

  • in tool ‘fetch and render’ + screenshots.
  • Blocked resources + custom robots.txt files.
  • HREFLang attributes (international SEOs rejoice!)
  • Rel=”next”/”prev” errors
  • Crawl behind a login (OMG)

There are additional bug related fixes in addition to above.  This tool is awesome. Kudos to the entire Screaming Frog team!

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week’s folks.  As always, feel free to connect with me, tweet me or hit reply to email me directly. I respond to all emails personally.


Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
Nick has 10+ years of SEO consulting experience building and executing strategies for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods to fashion entities with hundreds of physical store locations. He also writes the weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch that allows you to stay up to date with industry updates in the amount of time it takes you to eat your lunch.

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