Contest Winner Announced + Google Search Algo Update on 3/9

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Issue #70
March 9th, 2018

Hey, lunch buddies.  Today is the day!  I’m giving away an annual membership to MNSearch a local marketing association here in Minnesota.  I’m excited to announce that Melissa Lamkin of Renters Warehouse is our winner.  Congratulations Melissa!  I’ll be reaching out to you to get your free membership fully configured.

Thank you to all that entered and for all of those who were already subscribed for the #SEOForLunch.  As a consolation prize, each of you wins a free year of this newsletter!   Ok, let’s move on to the news before you all hit that unsubscribe button.

What You Need To Know

Article: A Core Google Algorithm Update Went Live on March 9th

What’s important?
Google rep Danny Sullivan confirmed that a core algorithm update went live on March 9th.  Many webmasters believe this to be a quality related algorithm update that largely isn’t wrecking too much havoc within the search results.

Nick’s take:
Marie Haynes does a great job outlining the update itself, quotes from Danny (Google rep) as well as sites she has diagnosed as potentially impacted by the update.  It seems that overall this algorithm really helps sites or potentially has a small impact on sites deemed lesser quality.  Have you guys been impacted?

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Google Aims To Make AMP Benefits to Standard “Open” Web – Google AMP Project
Malte Ubl, Tech Lead for the AMP Project at Google published a blog post on the 8th discussing how Google aims to bring the value of AMP to the open web.

“we now feel ready to take the next step and work to support more instant-loading content not based on AMP technology in areas of Google Search designed for this, like the Top Stories carousel.”

Overcoming Bias in both SEO & PR –
What biases exist in the SEO space dominated by 70%+ men?  Do the same bias exist in the PR world which is dominated by 70% women?  Lexi Mills wrote a great post covering how to overcome bias in a world where one of your feet is in both worlds.

The JavaScript Indexing Dragrace –
Yes. ANOTHER JavaScript post.  I’m obsessed.  Google is learning to crawl and index content via JS at an unprecedented rate.  Is this test perfect? Nope.  Is it exciting and showing people getting creative in how they launch content that is getting crawled/indexed by Google?  Yup.  This is a read definitely worth of your time.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything for this week folks.  If you want to read previous issues of the #SEOForLunch I publish them with only a week or two delay on

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Enjoy the rest of your lunch, see you next week!

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Nick LeRoy
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