Google’s Search Console Data Is Delayed

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Hi Lunch Buddies!

This week marks the start of online school for my kids. Despite some anticipated technology issues, it went surprisingly well. For those who are also juggling their work and kids learning from home – good luck!

If you haven’t already set up a calendar reminder, the #SEOForLunch happy hour is tonight! Details listed below. I know this time doesn’t work for everyone but I tried to make it at a time that could maximize attendance. I’m excited to chat live with more subscribers. This will be so much fun!

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What you need to know

Article: Google’s Search Console Data Is Delayed

What’s Important:
Google recently confirmed that its Search Console platform is delayed in providing the most recent data to its users.

Nick’s Take:
Many people have recently called out that their “last updated” timestamp hasn’t changed since the end of August. It was unknown if this was intentional or a big. Google’s webmaster Twitter account tweeted that this is a known issue and is actively being worked on. However, no commitment has been made as to when a fix will be implemented.

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

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I’ve been really enjoying these SEO myth-busting videos. This video covers content and whether more content (frequency or word count etc) really matters for increased rankings. 

Will Google’s Page Speed Algorithm Make A Difference In Rankings?
Written by Glenn Gabe, SEMRush
Glenn writes a great post talking about Google’s new site speed (Core Web Vitals) signal. Many SEOs and UX preach about the value of site speed. However, can Google really prioritize this factor over many of the traditional ranking factors in the near future? I vote no, but you should read this post and come up with your own conclusion. 

Identifying Google Search Console Performance Patterns
Written by Izzi Smith, Moz
We discussed above that GSC is currently having issues with their reporting data. It makes analysis (and action items) like this super difficult to execute. However, as the data gets refreshed I high recommend you implement this review that Izzi walks us through. GSC is a very underutilized tool. I highly recommend you review this data nearly as often as you do your site’s analytics.

Google Entity Carousels: How to Earn Your Spot
Written by Andrea Volpini, WordLift
Are you familiar with GOogle’s entity carousels? No, then this is one of your top reads this week. Andrea walks us through a case study where a website that lost its listing in the carousel was able to re-obtain their listing. Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about entity carousels so this was super valuable for me. Enjoy!

3 best practices of competitor SEO you should know
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If you have a service/product that has direct competitors then you absolutely need to be aware of this “competitor SEO” strategy. With so many options in your niche available its only natural that your users are going to compare one to another. These users are typically very qualified and close to making a purchasing decision. Kevin walks us through how you might go about optimizing your site for various competitor queries. 

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
Nick has 10+ years of SEO consulting experience building and executing strategies for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods to fashion entities with hundreds of physical store locations. He also writes the weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch that allows you to stay up to date with industry updates in the amount of time it takes you to eat your lunch.

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