Google Launches (BETA) GSC Insights Feature

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Hi Lunch Buddies!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

We took the kids up north 4 hours to Itasca Minnesota to do some camping. Yes, we used an actual tent, no glamping for the LeRoy family. Overall it was a fun and safe getaway given the current climate.

For those unaware, Itasca State Park is the home of the Mississippi River header waters (it’s beginning). Intrigued? You can check out the live cam and learn a little more here:
Before we kick off this week’s newsletter, a quick message from my friend Kevin Indig. Kevin is the VP of SEO and Content at G2 and publishes a complimentary SEO newsletter called Tech Bound. I’ve been a subscriber since the inception and consider his newsletter a must-read.

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What you need to know

Article: Google Search Console Insights Now Available To Select Account

What’s Important:
Google announced on Twitter that a closed beta is currently in progress for its new Search Console Insights reports. The reports help webmasters further understand the performance of the content of the site. No official date has been announced for when more users will get access to this tool.

Nick’s Take:
I’m cautiously optimistic about this new report. Some have reported time-on-page metrics that have never before been seen in a search console report. I’m unsure if this data is only available when a website also has Google Analytics or if this report will provide standalone user engagement data. I guess we’ll all just have to wait.

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Fifteen Years is a Long Time in SEO
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Maybe I am sentimental as I just went over the ten-year mark myself but I really enjoyed this post. Will covers several of the key algorithm changes such as Florida, Farmer, and even Penguin/Panda that changed forever how the SERPs would display content. He then continues down the rabbit hole of mobile-first and many of the challenges SEOs are facing today. Jump in the time capsule and enjoy the blast from the past.

Probabilistic Thinking In SEO
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Andrew doesn’t post often but each time he hits the publish button I feel it worthy of sharing. This is another great post discussing the issue of selling and making promises in the SEO industry. We have so many talented SEOs in the industry but many of us struggle with using critical thinking. This skillset

A Link Building Case Study Utilizing A ‘STATS’ Page
Written by Joshua Hardwick, AHREFS
Let’s skip the debate of whether links are valuable or not and jump right into a case study. Joshua walks us through a case study where a little over 500 emails resulted in acquiring 30+ new links. This resulted in the team landing the top organic spot in the SERP for a very competitive term.

How Embedded YouTube Videos Can Improve Organic Traffic
Written by Brian Freiesleben, TechnicalSEO dot com
When my clients ask me about creating videos for SEO my response is always *yes. The asterisk is that it didn’t have a direct impact on organic rankings for the page its hosted on. This post shows how I’m still ‘sorta’ right but at the same time can definitely help you increase your organic visibility and traffic. Is video a big part of your web strategy? If so this is your must-read for the week.

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Nick LeRoy
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