Google’s HUGE update was a BUG

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Hi Lunch Buddies!

I would like to start this week’s issue off with an apology to last week’s #SEOForLunch sponsor Intellifluence. The link was broken which is no good for both them as a sponsor and for readers who were interested in learning more about their services.

I need your thoughts. I made a little video. I’m experimenting with some video content on Linkedin.

Yesterday I published a tip for accessing your Google Cache menu when the website styling prevents you from clicking on the “text-only” or “view source” links. Check it out on LinkedIn and let me know if you think these quick tips are valuable and that I should continue to create/publish them.

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What you need to know

Article: A Google Search bug wreaked havoc on the search results

What’s Important:
Google announced that this “update” was indeed a bug. It evidently was an issue with their indexing process that had a significant “trickle effect” causing the search results to change the way that they did.

Nick’s Take:
So that MONSTER Google algorithm update last week… it was a BUG. I’ll admit it, this one threw me off. The severity of the update lumped me into the group of marketers frantically reviewing data and trying to figure out the next steps. False alert – phew! 

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Image Migrations and Lost Signals
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I’ve done a lot of SEO migrations over the years and admittedly not too many require image redirects. However, Glenn shows us the importance of 301 redirects for websites highly reliant on their organic image search traffic. If you plan on switching your CDN or migrating images anytime soon then this is your priority read for this week. Great stuff, Glenn!

PBNs: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Written by Jeremy Knauff, Search Engine Journal
I won’t take a pro/anti private blog network stance in this email today. I will say that knowledge is power. Even if you are extremely against PBNs you should be aware of what they are and the potential value (and risks) it adds to your website.

The ultimate LogFile Analysis Checklist
Written by Serge Bezborodov, Jet Octopus
If you love technical SEO as much as I do then this post will be the best part of your day. Log analysis is very underrated as a diagnostics tool. It can be a daunting task but I promise the level of effort will be well worth it. This guide walks you through exactly what you need to know to gain the insights that only log file analysis can offer you.

Internal Linking for SEO: best practices, strategies, axioms
Written by Kevin Indig, Kevin-Indig dot com
Internal linking is not sexy. It is however VERY valuable and the single most tactic that I see website owners underutilize. Typically, the larger your website is the more value you can get from internal links. In fact, I’ve taken many enterprise sites and increased their organic performance by double-digit percentages simply by optimizing their internal linking strategy. Don’t sleep on this tactic!

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Newsletter is written by Aleyda Solis
I subscribe to a lot of SEO newsletters. In full transparency its to make sure the #SEOForLunch is always hitting the benchmark for quality. Aleyda’s #SEOFOMO newsletter is a great read. It’s very complimentary to the #SEOForLunch and I think a lot of you would really enjoy it. 

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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