Google Launched A MASSIVE ‘BUG’ Last Night. SERPS ROCKED

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Hi Lunch Buddies!

As of last night, Google had released (unconfirmed) a MASSIVE algorithm update. Nearly every single niche that I personally am involved in (or have clients in) has changed significantly.

Due to this massive update, I’m sending this email out early this morning instead of its normally scheduled lunchtime slot. If you haven’t already prioritized looking at how your site’s performance has been impacted, I would take a look.

Barry Schwartz published the news first and the changes seem to be so extreme that many in the industry are convinced that this must be a “bug”.

[update] Google’s John Mueller has CONFIRMED that this was indeed a bug. If the SERPS aren’t back to “normal” by now they will be soon. 

What are you seeing? Is this a good or bad update for you and or your clients?

Let’s jump into the rest of this week’s newsletter.

– Nick

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What you need to know

Article: How insights from people around the world make Google Search better

What’s Important:
Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liaison shares with us how over 10,000 contractors are used to inform Google of the quality of their search results.

Nick’s Take:
If you are an SEO practitioner you should prioritize reading the 160-page quality rater guidelines PDF. If you are a decision-maker you should be asking your SEO team what their biggest takeaways are and how this information is being leveraged in your ongoing SEO campaign. 

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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