Google Announces Page Experience A Ranking Factor

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Hey, lunch buddies.

I don’t typically mix work and politics. However, this past week as many of you are aware has brought to light serious injustices. This event occurred locally here in the Minneapolis, MN area and has gained mainstream attention. I’m saddened by all the hate in addition to the violence. Change needs to happen.

If you want to support an initiative brought together by a great group of SEO’s I suggest you take a look at this GoFundMe campaign.

Next week we’ll be back to the normal witty #SEOForLunch intro. Thanks again for being loyal subscribers. 


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What you need to know

Article: Google: Page experience matters for search results

What’s Important:
Google has recently launched a suite of page experience metrics that will (next year) start feeding page experience factors into their ranking algorithm.

Nick’s Take:
Many in the SEO space will tell you that page experience is already a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. While Google states that this won’t become official until next year, the takeaway is that user experience is important. Don’t wait until 2021 to make user experience one of your top priorities.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

An Introduction to PageRank for SEOs
written by Barry Adams, Polemic Digital
Wow. By far my number one “must-read” for this week. Do you recall the PageRank value that use to display in the Google toolbar many years back? No? It’s OK, Barry isn’t talking about the 1-10 green toolbar value that many obsessed over. He’s talking about real PageRank and how it works today.

Do backlinks impact local (MAP) SEO rankings?
written by Joy Hawkins, SterlingSky
I remember many years back asking one of the most respected local SEOs if links mattered for map listings? At the time he responded that they didn’t but to keep an eye out. Joy’s article shows how links in 2020+ now very likely have a solid correlation with your local reach. 

The basics of a link profile analysis
written by Brian Harnish, Search Engine Journal
Links are a valuable component of SEO. Theories after that range from bad backlinks aren’t “counted” towards SEO rankings to the belief of “penguin” penalties still being given in full force. Regardless of your side, this article does a great job of outlining how you could conduct a link analysis.

Blogging for Shopify: A unique SEO approach
written by Chris Long, Search Engine Land
Sure, Shopify has its issues. I still harbor resentment towards the platform for not letting me edit the robots.txt file. Regardless of my own issues, this post targets a real opportunity for Shopify (and any eCommerce) owners. As Google continues to test into which phrases are truly informational vs transactional, Chris walks us through why a combination of traditional eCommerce content and blog content is a serious SEO win.

Google is now displaying HOW-TO schema in desktop results
written by Brodie Clark,
Brodie covers a test that has Google showing various how-to schema markup in desktop search results. This was originally a mobile search result exclusive. If you are using the how-to schema markup on your website, now would be a good time to review some of your rankings and see if you are triggering these featured results. Also, let me know if you are seeing a significant increase/decrease in desktop CTR. 🙂

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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