New GSC Reports Available: Google Assistant

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Hey, lunch buddies.

Let’s kick off this week’s newsletter by announcing the two winners of the giveaway that we ran last week. Drumroll please… congratulations to Tricia McCaffrey and Brooke Tucker. I’ve reached out to both of you and both of your free accounts should already be upgraded.

So on another fun note. I lost the war with my hair during this COVID-19 pandemic. After putting up a great fight, the clippers ended up getting the better of me. My daughter, Scarlett, insisted we try out a mohawk before completing the job. I admit she didn’t have to push very hard. Making the best of crazy times.

Before we jump into this week’s issue, what is everyone doing this Thursday? MNSearch, a local search community is throwing a FREE online happy hour. I’ll be there so if your interested, grab your favorite beverage and say HI! Simply click this zoom link –  (

– Nick

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What you need to know

Article: New Guided (Assistant) Recipes Report Available in Search Console

What’s Important:
The Google Search Console team announced this morning that a new report is now available within the platform. This report will show errors and warnings for content being displayed within Google’s assistant.

Nick’s Take:
Those who have recipes on their website will find this new report very valuable. What’s also neat is the ability to preview the recipe to understand how it will be viewed within the Google assistant.

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May 2020 Core Update Winners & Losers [Analysis]
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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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