Google to include FREE product listings in Google Shopping

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Hey, lunch buddies.

I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe during these trying times. Now that this situation is the “new normal” I’m really starting to get a hang of remote working and appreciating the efficiencies it’s afforded me. Prior to this I “enjoyed” a one-hour commute to the office each way 4 days a week. I’m definitely going to expand beyond my one-day a week remote working when this is all over with. 

Have a killer week! Let’s jump into this week’s newsletter. 

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What you need to know

Article: Google to include FREE product listings in Google Shopping

What’s Important:
Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land breaks the news that amidst the COVID pandemic, Google is going to be promoting free (organic) listings within their Google Shopping results. 

Nick’s Take:
The article says that traditional product listing ads (PLAs) will continue to be exclusive to paid. However, in the near future, the SERPs will be adjusting to give organic product listings more visibility. If you own an e-commerce site then you’ll want to make sure you have a dedicated product feed in Google Merchant Center. 

Ginny writes that within GMC, Sellers must opt-in to “surfaces across Google” to be eligible for organic visibility.

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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