Paid digital marketing courses now FREE during COVID-19

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Hey, lunch buddies.

I was very excited to see all the interest in a virtual happy hour. It’s now official, mark your calendar for tomorrow Wednesday at 6:00 PM CST. We’ll be using Zoom so that we can toast one another and chat all things search! I can’t wait!

Click this link to enter the chat (6 pm CST Wednesday 4/1)

Looking forward to chatting soon!

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What you need to know

Paid digital marketing courses now FREE during COVID-19
A lot of us are dealing with budgets being pulled back resulting in a reduction in work. Others aren’t as fortunate and have been let go or furloughed. 

I wanted to share with you a few paid digital marketing tools that have recently been opened up to the public completely free of charge.

Free Resources:
CXL – Digital marketing as a second career. 
AHREFS – blogging for business course
DigitalMarketer – 11 master courses + 36 marketing playbooks
Moz – Learn how to do SEO yourself

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

How to pause your business online in Google Search
written by: John Mueller, GoogleBlog
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a monster impact on businesses, both physical stores, and online stores. If you are put in a difficult situation where you need to “pause” your store’s operation, John helps outline a few recommendations to not harm your site’s performance long term.

TEN Robots.txt mistakes to avoid
written by: Joe Johnson, koozai
The robots.txt is such an incredibly powerful file. While it won’t prevent search engines from indexing content, it can help optimize the manner in which they crawl your site. Joe outlines ten mistakes that I’ve seen site owners make hundreds of times. 

RICE model forecasting for SEO
written by: Andrew Shotland, LocalSEOGuide
A pet peeve of mine is when people say that SEO cannot be forecasted. While it is difficult and you can’t do it as easily as paid media, it absolutely can be done. Andrew walks us through the RICE model that is pretty similar to my approach to forecasting SEO.

Content-led link building: A process
written by: Paddy Moogan, Traffic Think Tank
Link building is dead? Think again. Link building is more valuable than ever before! Paddy walks us through the results of 350 SEOs answering the question of how they build links. Let me give you a tip… It’s mostly through some form of content creation.

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
Nick has 10+ years of SEO consulting experience building and executing strategies for clients ranging from multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods to fashion entities with hundreds of physical store locations. He also writes the weekly SEO newsletter #SEOForLunch that allows you to stay up to date with industry updates in the amount of time it takes you to eat your lunch.

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