Did Right Rail Rich Snippets Go Away?

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Hey, lunch buddies. I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and safe. COVID-19 is definitely unlike anything we’ve seen before. With my newfound free time I wrote two posts recently. One outlining the impact this pandemic is having across ten different websites. Another post went live today on SearchEngineLand.com discussing whether or not you should reduce your digital marketing efforts during COVID-19. I hope if your wheels are spinning these posts help give you some direction.

I had an idea. Who would be up for a virtual happy hour next week? If enough people respond to this email letting me know that they are interested, I’ll set up a time next week for all of us to join a zoom meeting and virtually hang out and chat shop. I’m completely game for answering SEO questions and for group conversations! I’m tentatively planning on next Wednesday at 6 pm CST.  REPLY and let me know.

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What you need to know

Article: Did Right-Sided Featured Snippets Just GO AWAY!?

What’s Important:
Early reports show that right-sided featured snippets have been moved to the primary search results. Google back in January mentioned that this was a move they were going to make at a future date. That date is now.

Nick’s Take:
The mobile-first index is for real. How long until we simply have ONE result regardless of the device? What I’m curious is to see if this change will have any impact on organic search results being further pushed below the fold.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

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Keeping your GMB Listing accurate and updated during COVID-19
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Darren Shaw and his team at Whitespark put together this amazing list for how to keep your GMB listings updated during these tough times. As we saw from the article above, so many changes are being pushed out that we also need direction on how to adjust our listings to stay within best practices.  

Speed and performance scores for 20K web dev, SEO and marketing agencies
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Would you be surprised if I told you 65% of these 20K sites were running on WordPress? What if only 58% have “good” scoring performance speed reports? We always say “practice what you preach” but Nebosja is showing us that we don’t always treat our own properties with the same urgency as our clients.

Managing your online reputation in Google search
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Anyone who knows me personally knows my frustrations for owning the first position in Google for “Nick LeRoy”.  While your brand visibility is important, its equally if not more important to understand what’s ranking for your brand and whether or not it’s positive or negative. Mordy shows us how about looking at these results and how to act on 

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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