Did Google launch a November Algorithm update?

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Issue #152
November 12th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies.

Happy belated Veterans Day to subscribers who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. While I didn’t serve myself, I always like to take a moment to thank those who fought and continue to fight for our countries freedom. THANK YOU.

Earlier this week I contributed to a post on Content King regarding HTTP Status Codes. It’s a great post to bookmark for when you run into a status code that you can’t recall the value (purpose) off the top of your head. 

This week’s newsletter covers a potential November Google algorithm update as well as a few key resources further explaining the new B.E.R.T algorithm that launched around October 25th.

Let’s not waste another moment and jump right in!


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What you need to know

Article: Did Google launch a November Algorithm update?

What’s Important:
Many webmasters have reported devasting organic losses starting just last week. Early reports show the impact strongest in the recipe space though other industries have been hit as well.

Nick’s Take:
I spent nearly 5 years working on a few of the largest recipe sites on the internet. It looks like they haven’t been impacted much by this update though I no longer have access to their data to confirm 100%. Unfortunately, they were impacted hard by the August 2018 update and I was optimistic that this update might help rectify that. Unfortunately, it didn’t but it seems like many others were further impacted by yet this latest update.

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

A deep dive into Google’s B.E.R.T – SearchEngineLand
Wow. B.E.R.T is intense. For anyone trying to learn more about natural language processing or Google’s integration of it within one of their most recent algo updates will want to bookmark this post. Dawn goes DEEP in this post. The post even starts out by forwarning users that its a good 30+ min read. I recommend grabbing one of your favorite beverages and getting cozy!

What is B.E.R.T? [VIDEO] – Moz
Did you just bypass the link above due to the 30 min reading commitment? This “Whiteboard Friday” from Britney Mueller might be a better fit. If you’re like me, you read Dawn’s article, watched this video and still have questions. B.E.R.T. is intense but fortunately for us, we have a lot of great resources being published. Just another reason to love the SEO industry, right?

Bulk generating title tags in Google sheets – SammySEO
If you’ve been tasked with writing title tags for any website of size you know that manually completing this task is nearly impossible. Sam walks us through one approach to scaling title tag generation with logic-based rules. The best news? He provides us with his actual Google sheet, thanks, Sam!

Google test found in the ‘wild’. Clear Icons – BrodieClark
#SEOForLunch reader, Brodie reached out to share a few Google tests he found in the wild. He documented his findings and published them on his blog.  While this likely doesn’t impact individual rankings, I’m always curious to read reports showing how Google runs tests across their SERPS. 

Fixing a Google image indexing issue caused by redirects & robots.txt – GSQi
How reliant are you on image search for driving users to your site? If you don’t know then that’s your first homework assignment. After that, step two is to read this great post from Glenn. Glenn walks us through a case study where redirects and robots.txt directives caused one site to miss out on hundreds of thousands of clicks. 

Squashing 10 Google E-A-T myths – SearchEngineJournal
I previously linked out to a few different B.E.R.T related articles. These articles exist due to the amount of misconception and overall gap in knowledge about natural language processing. E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) have been talked about extensively and people still are confused by the concept. Lily helps clarify 10 common E-A-T myths. #8 is critical for everyone to read (and understand!).

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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