Google launches site speed report within Search Console

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Issue #151
November 5th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I know my kids enjoyed Trick-r-treating despite the sub-30-degree weather. For those curious, yes, I did eat a lot of their candy once they went to bed. I call it the “Dad Tax!”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take the #SEOForLunch survey last week. The results were overwhelmingly positive. In full transparency, below are the results of the three questions that requested a score out of ten.

“I find the #SEOForLunch useful in staying on top of the SEO industry.”
average score: 9.3/10

“I would share the #SEOForLunch with friends, colleagues and/or clients looking for SEO updates.”
average score: 9.6/10

“I find value in the SEO tool giveaways from the #SEOForLunch Sponsors”
average score: 7.6/10

With all that said, the winner of the #SEOForLunch hat drawing is Aja Frost of Hubspot!

Thank you again for everyone’s participation. I’m looking forward to celebrating the 200th issue with all of you!

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What you need to know

Article: Google launches site speed report within Search Console

What’s Important:
Over the past few years, Google has significantly been revamping its Search Console platform. As of yesterday, November 4th, Google announced a new site speed report.based on its Chrome Experience Report.

Nick’s Take:
Site speed continues to be a critical component to both user experience AND Google’s organic search algorithm. While there are many ways to measure site speed, it’s nice to see a specific KPI documented within GSC. For those who want to read up a bit more on first contentful paint (FCP) you can check out Google’s documentation here

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

[Case Study] How we optimized our crawl budget – Skroutz
I absolutely love a good case study. So many write about SEO but very few back it up with real data. Vasilis did a great job documenting his team’s efforts to optimize their large websites crawl budget. What I found most interesting is one of his key learnings (NoIndex and Google still crawling the URL). If you own the SEO for an enterprise-level site then this should be your top read for the week. 

How to use BERT to generate meta descriptions at scale – SEJ
Anytime I feel like a hotshot in this industry, a post like this comes along. Hamlet Batista writes about using natural language processing and python scripts. If this goes over your head (like mine) it’s A-OK. You can still rock at SEO. However, if you want to follow a challenging read and push yourself to a new limit, this post is just that. 

8 ways JavaScript can impact SEO performance –
JavaScript is all the rage these days. Can JS and SEO co-exist? Absolutely! Rachel walks us through 8 ways JS impacts SEO including (but not limited) rendering speed and even content duplication.

Copycat Content: SEO tools got us here, Humans will get us out –
Conduct keyword research, create a narrative/hypothesis and crank out dem words. That’s the process (more or less) to creating content for SEO. Ryan is calling all of us out. The worst part? I don’t disagree with him. Much of what we create is one way or another a copycat or “skyscraper” version of the content that already exists. What can we do to change this? Ryan has some good thoughts.

SEO is NOT a black box – jackiecchu
I met Jackie, Director of SEO for Dropbox through Traffic Think Tank which is a monthly paid SEO mastermind. I was pretty pumped to see she published her first post on her personal site. This post is about SEO and the perpetual black box that it is put in. While SEO can be difficult it doesn’t have to be a complete mystery. To quote Jackie, “SEO is not the right path for each and every initiative, and that’s OK.” This is the key – to understand when SEO is your best lever and when its not. What do you all think?

The ultimate guide to Magento SEO – ContentKing
E-commerce presents an entirely new level of SEO complication. While platforms such as Shopify and Magento can make setting up a site fairly easy, they all have their own SEO downfalls. The ContentKing team put together this guide for optimizing your Magento site for SEO best practices.

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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