Google launches Its NEWEST algorithm update, B.E.R.T

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ALOHA, lunch buddies!  I’m back. After 20+ hours of combined flight time, I’ve successfully made it to and from Hawaii. What a great experience. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend it. The snorkeling (and various shrimp trucks) are worth the flight in itself.

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P.S. My buddy Kyle Faber who authored this site speed post on my site is giving a presentation on site speed at the local MNSearch monthly event on Wednesday.10/30 at 6 PM. If you’re local to the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area, I highly recommend you go and hear him speak. Event details can be seen here. 


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What you need to know

Article: Google launches Its BERT algorithm update focusing on natural language processing!

What’s Important:
Google launched its natural language processing algorithm updated named B.E.R.T.  (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) last week.This algorithm update is said to impact roughly 10% of all search queries making it a fairly large update.

Nick’s Take:
It seems that a significant algorithm update happens every time I go off for vacation. While folks need to be aware of any impact this algorithm has taken on your site(s), Google says there isn’t anything you can do to “fix” it. his update reflects Google’s growing ability to process natural language to ensure that their search results match the user’s query intent. (great examples shown in the link above). If you want to go deeper into the weeds regarding BERT you can read Google’s documentation published back in 2018.

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