Google Search Console Now Reports on Video Results.

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Issue #148
October 8th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. Let’s not waste a single second.

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We have a few different Google announcements to cover in this issue, so let’s not wait any longer.


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What you need to know

Article: Google Search Console Now Reports on Video Results.

What’s Important:
Technically, two reports now exist in Google Search Console. Video enhancements report which focuses on reporting on video structured data, specifically when errors have been found. The second report is video performance data within the larger performance report. Simply click to the “search appearance” tab and you’ll be able to see data specific to your videos. 

Nick’s Take:
Google continues to double down on the new Search Console which is great for all SEO/Webmasters. Anytime we have the ability to collect and report on performance data is a big WIN. Thanks, Google.


Article: Google Chrome To Restrict Non-HTTPS Content

What’s Important:
In December 2019, Google will be rolling out Chrome version 79. With this version, Google will start to blocking “mixed content” meaning HTTPS sites that leverage unsecure (HTTP) resources could be at risk.

Nick’s Take:
This might seem like an obvious issue but those of this newsletter might remember when Glenn Allsopp called me out in his video auditing services that I made this simple mistake myself. Many of us think HTTPS migration is limited to how URLs are displayed in a browser but how the pages are calling scripts and other resources are equally as important.  

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

6 ways to get more organic traffic without ranking your website – Moz
Doesn’t this just sound silly? Hold up, Ryan makes some really good points here. In fact, one of his first tips, sponsoring (or even reaching out to be included) content that ranks for your coveted keywords is brilliant.

Domain strategies for implementing your international SEO strategy – Periscopix
I have a soft spot for HREFlang and international SEO strategy. Stefano did a great job highlighting the basics that you need to know for expanding your site globally.

Testing redirects before and after a website migration – Searchviu
“We’ll need to wait until the site hits production before testing 301 redirects”.  STOP. Do not except this answer. Ever! Eoghan walks us through the proper way to handle (and test) redirects both before and after a migration occurs.

Editorial calendar for bloggers (free template) – Contentmavericks
You blog Bro? Cool, me too. Do you have spreadsheets with keywords and random content ideas just waiting for you to take action? You should consider organizing your data, keywords, topics and other ideas into an editorial calendar. It might seem obvious but if you’re not yet doing this, you can thank me later. 🙂

Local map spam, review stars and more (LocalU advanced ’19 recap) – Searchinfluence
Did you make the Local U Advanced conference in September? Bummer, me neither. Fun fact, my first conference ever 10+ years ago was a Local U hosted locally where I begged my current boss to pay the massive $100 ticket fee. It’s great to see the folks at Local U still offering value after all these years. Will does a great job recapping the event and even kicks off the post with a big announcement. You’ll have to click to read about that though!

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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