Google Search Console Now Refreshes Data DAILY

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Issue #146 August 24th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. Today is a great day. It’s my twin girls birthday! I’m excited to get home early from work and celebrate with the family. I know the girls are equally excited – You only turn SIX once! While I’ll be celebrating the girls birthday and eating (too much) cake, I have a reason for all of you to celebrate too…

The #SEOForLunch has partnered with RankRanger to offer a SEO tool giveaway!

For those unfamiliar with RankRanger, it is custom SEO software that offers great performance analysis of your site(s) without draining your pockets. In my trial, I focused mostly on their daily (yes you read that correctly) rank tracking service. However, the toolset isn’t limited to rank tracking, it also features paid search insights, competitor analysis, and keyword research. One item within RankRanger I found very interesting that I haven’t seen in other tools is a readability test. This tool lets you analyze the content on any given page and it will report to you a readability score from 6 different algorithms. Apart of Google’s ranking algorithm? Maybe/maybe not but it could definitely support the user experience within your site! Check it out.

Entering the giveaway is easy and free

By signing up for a FREE 14-day trial you’ll automatically be entered to win a six-month “standard” Rank Ranger subscription. This subscription is valued at over $700.00.

To be eligible to win this giveaway, you must be:

  • An existing #SEOForLunch newsletter subscriber (Sign up here)
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The winner of the giveaway will be announced in two weeks on October 8th. -Nick

What you need to know

Article: Your Google Search Console data is about to speed up

What’s Important:
Google’s Search Console recently made a significant update allowing data to be refreshed each day. Historically, GSC data was 3+ days behind.

Nick’s Take:
Most people love Google Search Console. Those same folks who love the tool so much also share the same disappointment with the data and how it lagged several days behind. Christmas has come early folks. Jump into your GSC account and start consuming yesterday’s data – today!

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Google Assistant now offers international voice options – voicebot
Voice search is all the rage, right? I won’t lie, I love the concept as a user but as a marketer I hate it. When will we get a solution to measure the usage and ROI of voice – TBD I suppose. However, until then, I wanted to share the recent update Google provided with its Assistant and the international voice options now available to all. 

How to build links to your website in 2019 – hobo-web
Shaun provides 15+ tactics you can replicate in addition to a bunch of valuable information that all pertains to link building. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a link building post that cuts through the BS and gets right to the goods. Kudos to you Shaun!

How to run a $1 M+ SEO Agency/process (Video) – Brendan Hufford
Brendan chats with Nick Eubanks about what it takes to build and run a $1 million+ SEO agency. Nick is wicked smart and I regularly absorb all his advice through his premium slack channel – Traffic Think Tank. If you enjoy YoutTube videos about SEO and digital marketing, don’t forget to sign up for Brendan’s 100daysofSEO.

An introduction to conversion copywriting – GatherContent
If your client, agency or writing team is talking about “SEO copy” you have a major issue to address. Content has moved from the repetition of certain keywords to writing copy that encourages users to take certain actions. If the idea of conversion copywriting is new to you then Benjamin post will be one of your favorite reads this week. Remember, SEO is great for driving traffic to your site, but it takes much more to shape that traffic into paying customers.  

A guide to the biggest SEO myths on the web – SEMrush
Most of us know Bill Slawski for his work in Google patents and reading between the lines in what they might mean for the future of search. In this article, Bill covers a lot of SEO myths that are still common conversations for those in the search space. 

How to create an XML sitemap (and submit it to Google) – Ahrefs
XML Sitemaps. A key element to any sites technical SEO. This guide will help you set up your XML sitemap for a plethora of content management systems (or static websites). This is one of those resources you bookmark and send to the next developer that tells you that they “Can’t” set up an XML sitemap with the sites currently backend. Just be nice with that email 😉

JAMstack SEO Guide: The ultimate guide – bejamas
I’ll be honest, until recently, I hadn’t heard of JAMstack. Nebojsa, who wrote this great guide reached out to receive feedback from me prior to publishing. It’s a great guide that quickly brought me up to speed to what JAMstack is and how to optimize it for SEO. 

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Nick LeRoy
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