Google Shares Lessons Learned From Indexing Failures

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Issue #140
August 13th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine started out well as the Minnesota Vikings played their first pre-season game and won. It’s obviously early and the season hasn’t yet officially begun, but its fun to have football back. As promised, this weekend I published my newest blog post: Portfolio SEO: Canonical Gifting Content Across Web Properties. Within this post, I discuss in detail the results of an SEO test I ran a few years back. As you can see from the screenshot below the test is still driving incremental traffic to the site. For those curious, the traffic estimates in this article come from AHREFs who is the official sponsor of the #SEOForLunch for the month of August. Try AHREFS for 7 days for only $7.00.

Let’s move on to this week’s issue.

– Nick  

What you need to know

Article: Google: What we learned from the recent indexing issues that occurred 

What’s Important: Since April, Google had several issues that can be summarized into three core item. 1. Indexation, 2. Search Console, and 3. “Miscellaneous” which accounts for the trickle effect once one thing breaks and other components/tools at Google are reliant on those to function properly. 

Nick’s Take: All systems and tools break. Unfortunately, for Google, they just happen to have a large audience who calls them out when these issues occur. I give major kudos to the Google team for upping their transparency, confirming the issue(s) as well as sharing in the post mortem discussions to help prevent it from happening again.  

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How to do YouTube keyword Research in 3 Minutes
Nick’s Take: YouTube continues to be an untapped resource for a ton of eyeballs. If you are regularly creating video content then this is your read of the week. If you aren’t creating videos – why not? This guide might just convince you otherwise!

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

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When to respond to online review (and how) – GoFishDigital
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How data-driven content marketing earns links & press mentions – moz
Have you ever tried manual outreach to secure links to a sales heavy page on your site? I’m guessing you didn’t have much luck (without maybe the help of a few benjamins..shhh). This post from Kristin helps shed some light on the value of earning links and press mentions with content that is created based on valuable data.

A step by step guide for ranking in Google Images – SEOsherpa
Wow. Who would have guessed there were 4000 words worth of valuable insights on ranking images in Google. If your lazy (it’s OK, I am sometimes too) there is a great infographic outlining all the great takeaways to kick off this post. If you love your text then there is no shortage. Tip #5 covers image filenames and starts to discuss Google’s machine learning. Are you ready to read more? Click on the link above ☝️

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