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Issue #132
June 18th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. I hope all you fathers and father figures had a great Fathers Day this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to get spoiled with a lazy Sunday full of kiddo time and a big fat steak for dinner.  Can’t ask for much more from me.

This Friday mark’s the annual MNSearch Summit. Tickets are still available. Come see some of the industries brightest minds.  If you see me around (I’ll be the guy running around in the #SEOFORLUNCH hat) make sure you say hi!

Let’s get to this week’s updates! Including the Mary Meeker report!

What You Need To Know

Article: Mary Meeker delivers annual internet trends report (recap)

What’s important?
Every year, Mary Meeker publishes a report outlining annual internet trends. Each and every year it continues to show digital playing a bigger and bigger role in companies budget. It’s 333-page slideshow but this VOX post does a great job of recapping critical points.

Nick’s take:
I’m still in the process of going through the full 333-page slideshow. However, I do want to call out a few key insights. Again, Vox does a great job of expanding on most/all of these.

  • E-commerce now makes up over 15% of all retail sales!!
  • 88% of users use a second digital device while watching TV.
  • 2019 marks the first time mobile overtook TV.
  • Internet advertising spend is up 22% YOY. Google and Facebook still dominate the paid ad space.

All of this and much more within the first 50 slides! If you really enjoy data then take the time to review this report.

The #SEOForLunch is proud to sponsor the 2019 MNSearch Summit

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time accuses Google of copying lyrical content – The Verge
Originally covered on The Wall Street Journal but the story is behind a paywall. Boo! So I’m sharing one of the third party coverage reports.  The highlight is that caught Google in action copying lyrical content directly from their site and stealing clicks/ad impressions.  What’s going to happen next?

Favicons in Google’s mobile SERP: Better or Worse? – Rank Ranger
It’s been nearly a month since Google started displaying favicons within its mobile search results. Is this new SERP feature better or worse than the previous version? Mordy of Rank Ranger helps us look at the early signs.

How to implement FAQ schema with Google Tag Manager – SEMRush
It was only a few weeks ago we discussed the launch of FAQ schema. No doubt this and many other markups can be a pain to implement. Rhys explains in this post how you can utilize GTM to quickly implement. My question is… Google keeps going back and forward on the use of GTM to implement schema. G-folks, is it YES or NO?

Can images affect SEO? – Orbit Media
Could images really drive additional rankings? Andy walks us through how SEO has blown past the days of content for the sake of words on a page.

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Nick LeRoy
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