Manual Penalties From Social Media Links!?

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Issue #126
May 7th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I’ve been fighting a cold for the past two weeks but it didn’t stop me from getting outside and enjoying the nice weather we (finally) are getting here in Minnesota.

In addition to getting some fresh air, I finally published a new blog post: Learn to train your SEOs to be six-figure consultants. This post has been in the works for the past two months but finally got around to putting the last touches on it.

Another project that took too long to launch was the updated #SEOForLunch sign up page. A big shout out to Marie, Cyrus, Rob, and Susan who contributed testimonials. If your willing to share a testimonial about the newsletter I’d love to include them on the page.  Just hit REPLY to this email and you’ll be emailing me directly.

Enjoy the rest of your lunch, let’s get to this weeks news!

What You Need To Know

Article: Can social media links lead to a manual Google penalty?

What’s important?
Bill Hartzer writes about a report of a user receiving a manual link penalty from Google. In the message, Google lists a few links from the social platform

Nick’s take:
I’m hesitant to go all in on the idea that social media links can contribute to manual penalties. I’m guessing that this website has a very low-quality link profile and these specific links might be located on an especially irrelevant section of Reddit.

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Why E-A-T and core updates might impact your content strategy – IPullRank
Fajr Muhammad writes a great post covering how Expertise – Authority – Trust and core updates play a role in your content strategy. She further dives into quality content and how various websites have been impacted by these updates.

Some April Google Search Console data is missing – SearchEngineLand
Missing Search Console data in April? Don’t freak out, everyone is. Rumor is that this missing data is a result of the indexing issue that occurred a few weeks back.

8 SEO job interview questions to ask your next candidate – SearchEngineJournal
Ever interviewed candidates for an open SEO position? It can be an interesting experience. Ryan packs this post with 8 questions that definitely help weed through the crap. Question #4 is one of my favorites.

Google Search Console adds 3 new reports– SERoundTable
Barry recaps three new reports that have been added to Google’s Search Console. These are smaller updates but it doesn’t make them any less important.

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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