Google announces another possible indexing ‘issue’

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Issue #125
April 30th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies. I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine certainly is but time is already at a premium. Traveling two days last week has put me behind which means I’m in constant catch-up mode.

With all that said, I’m going to keep this week’s intro nice and short so we can all focus on this week’s updates.


What You Need To Know

Article: Google announces another possible indexing ‘issue’

What’s important?
Coming fresh off a recent fix to its indexation “bug”, Google Tweeted last week that it’s now experiencing additional ‘issues’.  The issue this time impacts canonical URLs and how breadcrumb trails are displaying in mobile search results.

Nick’s take:
In addition to this ‘issue’ many were noticing that Google was pausing several of their search console reports. However, as of yesterday (April 29th), it looks like Google has fixed the issue. If you are seeing any issues with your reporting and or data then these issues might be a reason why.

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

What links to target with Google’s Disavow tool – Moz
To disavow links or to avoid the tool altogether. This has been a heated conversation within the SEO space. Google won’t give an answer either way and many reputable SEOs swear on there being a place and time for them. Others continue to say its a waste of time/resources.  What side are you on?

Taking your schema from developer led to marketing-led – SEMRush
Admittedly, schema is something I’ve been pushing myself to better understand. Every time I feel confident I have it down I see another edge case that makes me re-think everything. Sara Carling explains how complicated schema can be but why it’s that much more important that marketers (not developers) push for its implementation.

What is a good Click-Through-Rate for SEO? – Hall Analysis
The answer is 10%.  Just kidding.  CTR for SEO can be all over the place depending on the format of the search results. Joe Hall walks us through a great process for determining a baseline CTR for your sites SEO. You can then leverage your own sites data to determine what is truly considered a good CTR.

Creating content that gets links for personal trainers – Sharp Rocket
Pro tip: if you want to increase your chances of being listed in the #SEOForLunch then create a case study, strategy or process for a very specific niche/website. SEO theory is great but seeing it in action is even better. Venchito walks us through the competitive world of personal trainers and what types of content capture the best links.

We surveyed 1,400 searchers about Google – Moz
WARNING: If you love data then you’re going to love this post. On the other hand, if you hate lots of text and heavy number crunching then call it a week here. This post, written by Lily Ray covers the results from surveying 1400 Google searchers. I was surprised to see 75% of searchers click on the first two listings. There is also a correlation with the younger the user is the more likely they are to click on those two listings.  Crazy!

Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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