Google Launches Domain Level Property Sets in GSC

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Issue #117
March 5th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies.  It’s official. I’m going to Louisville Kentucky in two weeks.  Normally traveling for work is kinda ‘meh’ for me but I’m excited to meet these clients face to face and to check out one of Louisville’s famed bourbon tours.  If you have any advice or recommendations I’m all ears!

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What You Need To Know

Article: Google launches domain property verification for Google Search Console

What’s important?
By simply verifying ownership of a domain through your DNS you can now have all of your websites properties (www/non-www, http/s, subdomains etc) all in one search console.

Nick’s take:
Getting access to GSC data for the different variations of a site plus subdomains has always been a pain in the butt. This update is huge.  My buddy, Andrew Hagemann gets credit for discovering (and sharing) that domains registered with Google Domains are automatically verified in GSC

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Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Improve page speed with minification and compression –
You don’t need me to mention how important site speed is.  When you run one of many site speed analysis tools it’s very likely that you’ll get the recommendation to minify and compress your files. Ryan goes deep into exactly what these recommendations entail.

Do you still need to disavow spammy backlinks? Maybe! –
Leave it to nobody else when it comes to Google penalties than Marie Haynes. With recent comments from Google stating disavowing spammy links can still be valuable, Marie and her team wrote up this great guide as to when and why you should consider this.  P.S.  Marie is offering a disavow audit service that is highly regarded.

Payday loan black hat SEO case study –
I love the darker shades of SEO. You won’t ever convince me that links aren’t a critical component to successful SEO. This post further demonstrates the value links play in ranking websites in competitive niches.

Find the best publishers/writers to pitch –
Continuing the theme of link building, Krystin walks us through the process of using Buzzsumo and Gdelt to identify great link targets.  If outreach is your cup of tea then you’ll love this post.

Subdomain vs Subdirectory – what is best for SEO? –
One of the SEO industries favorite debate. Are subdomains or subdirectories a better use for SEO results?  Arguments can be made for both uses but the data in this post might sway you into leaning one way over another.

Wrapping Up

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