February Algorithm Updates Still In Flux?

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Issue #115
February 19th, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies.  I hope everyone had a good Valentines week last week and that you were able to pull away from work to have a fun evening/weekend with your significant others.

Last week (In addition to scrambling for Valentine’s day) I noticed a trend in transparency posts.  Nick Eubanks wrote about his agencies fees including not taking on projects less than $30K.  Steven shares how his SEO team was failing (and his solution!).  Finally, Luke published a post about growing his in-house SEO team into what he now considers his “dream team”.  Tactical posts are great (and are what you’ll see most of in this newsletter) but I thought these posts were a really great change-up and definitely worth a share.

Enjoy this weeks newsletter!

What You Need To Know

Article: Feb 12/13 algorithm update fluctuation continues through the weekend.

What’s important?
Many in the industry reported turbulence in the search results on or around Feb 12/13.  Berry continues to report that into the weekend users are still seeing fluctuations in organic traffic.

Nick’s take:
Algorithm updates happen all the time.  This update occurred around the same time that IRS.com and DMV.org took a nosedive so I’ve had my finger on the pulse of this update.  If your site was impacted in this update it might be due to Google thinking your site is imitating another entity or resource.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

How to easily create SEO dashboards – Aleyda Solis (YouTube)
I spent months if not years worth of hours manually putting together SEO reports over my 10+ year SEO career.  Automating SEO dashboards is one of the very first tasks I recommend to people looking to be more productive with their team.

Is user experience a ranking factor? – sistrix.com
Google’s official answer is no.  There aren’t too many in the SEO industry that believes this is true. Johannes explains how user experience may not influence rankings per se but feeds Google’s machine learning which is playing a much larger role in determining individual sites rankings.

Onboarding marketers: month 1 to-do’s – martijnscheijbeler.com
I love this post.  It might be due to a 3/4 finished blog post that’s been sitting as a draft for 6+ months that covers a very similar topic.  Martin goes into detail about what the first month should look like for your new hire and how to measure whether your onboarding strategy is successful.

Googler: how to recover from medic update – SearchEngineJournal.com
August 1st was a horrible day for many site owners.  If you were impacted by the ‘Medic’ update then you likely saw double-digit + impact to your organic search traffic.  In this post, Roger outlines feedback provided to users from a Google employee in a recent Google Hangout.

Wrapping Up

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Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy
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