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Issue #111
January 22nd, 2019

Hey, lunch buddies.  I'm excited to announce that next week I'll be sharing with you all an SEO tool I have been working on (with some major help!). This week is dedicated to testing and you will all have access to this tool for absolutely FREE. Stay tuned – many more details to come next week!

Last week I talked about work-life balance.  This week I want to point out a great article discussing the value of having a side hustle. Side work regularly gives "9-5" employees the opportunity to grow and experience entrepreneurship in a way their current full-time employers can't provide.  Does this mean that they are not committed or a flight risk for the company? Absolutely not. In fact, this article shows why employers should also be supportive of side hustles.

Yes, side hustles require an extra investment of time but if you're intentional with your work/life balance you can reap the rewards that working for "the man" and being an entrepreneur can offer… without sacrificing having a life outside of work!

What's your experience with side hustles in tandem with your day job?


What You Need To Know

Article: Google: How to succeed in Google News

What's important?
Danny Sullivan, Search Liason from Google helps users understand how they can increase their chances of succeeding in Google's news search results.

Nick's take:
Many of these might come off as obvious but I can attest that it's not easy to get accepted into Google's news results.  If you are curious or have had issues getting accepted then this resource is your top read for this week. 

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

25 ways to build links without guest posting –
Link building is hard. This is why only the best can do it in a way that produces a good return on their investment. Stuart lets us in on 25 ways to acquire links that add value and are search compliant.

Cheat Sheet: Understanding JavaScript fundamentals –
Convinced that JavaScript isn't going anywhere anytime soon?  This cheat sheet is a must for anyone looking to better understand JS and wants to understand how it can further complicate (or help!) your SEO strategy.

Reclaiming lost links from a site migration –
A quick read but Bill does a great job sharing how you can go about discovering old links that have been lost from a past website migration.  This is a "quick win" that can move the performance needle. Don't sleep on this tactic.

Google is now displaying rich snippets for PDF files –
Users have been seeing rich snippet search results sources from PDF files. While this is exciting there are many other reasons you may want to consider converting your PDF files to standard HTML pages.  Did you know that clicks coming from google to PDF files are not tracked in Google Analytics? I'm always in favor of getting credit for traffic being driven to the site – whether they drive rich snippets or not.

5 real examples of advanced content promotion strategies –
You've already created some awesome content and the next step is to get it out to the world to eat it up, right? Sometimes it's easier said than done. Don't worry, Brad is here to tell us about 5 examples of how content can be successfully promoted.


Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading this week issue of #SEOForLunch.  If you have any questions feel free to hit "reply" and your email will go directly to my inbox. I respond to ALL emails.


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