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Issue #106
December 11th, 2018

Hey, lunch buddies.  We are two weeks away from Christmas!  If you’re like me you’ve procrastinated a bit on a few last min gifts and holiday planning. Does anyone have any awesome plans this year or family traditions?  Would love to hear more about them.  Just hit reply and your email will go directly to me.

Let’s make this weeks intro short and sweet so we can jump right into the goods.

What You Need To Know

Article: Collaborating on the future of audio news for the Assistant

What’s important?
Google has partnered up with various news organizations in order to provide the best news experience possible via its Assistant product.  This experience will include an overview of top stories and customizable content to suit what the user is looking for.

Nick’s take:
Google has definitely got something here.  We’ve all searched online for a story were looking for or re watched part of the news on the TV due to missing a story in the previous airing.  On demand news information is definitely a win for the news industry as well as all users.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

Developing optimized PWAs and how to validate them  –
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) don’t get enough attention.  It’s the result of a combined web and app like experience for your users.  However, like most things in SEO it is very important to create them the correct way so that you maintain (and grow) your organic presence.

15 site architecture tips to maximize SEO performance –
Cyrus recently updated this post as of 12/2 and it covers some great advice as to how you can get more SEO juice (pardon the pun) by simply addressing site architecture issues.  This is often a very overlooked tactic that Cyrus shows can be well worth the investment.

Things you should be doing but probably aren’t –
This article isn’t specific to SEO but digital marketing and best business practices.  #7 is my favorite and I’m guilty of not doing #27 often enough.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading this week issue of #SEOForLunch.  If you have any questions feel free to hit “reply” and your email will go directly to my inbox. I respond to ALL emails.

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