Are you sick of using the basic fonts in Paint.Net? Are you seeing your friends and even your competitors using exciting new FONTS in their graphics? I can show you how to do it too! Using this tutorial I will show you exactly how you can go about downloading free fonts. I also can show you how to add them to your font selection on Paint.NET. This demonstration will show you how to do this on a Windows PC.

Let’s start with step 1: DOWNLOAD YOUR NEW FONT.

Start Off By Downloading Your New Font.

Start by downloading the font you want to add to your Paint.NET program. If you’re not sure where to go for your free fonts do a Google search for “Free FONTS”. There are many free options to pick from so you shouldn’t have to spend a penny unless your looking for something extremely specific.
Unzip (Extract) The Folder Containing New Font.

The next step involves unzipping the compressed font file that you just downloaded.

After Extracting Your File You Will Want To Open Up The Control Panel.

Once you have the new font file downloaded and extracted you will need to open up your Control Panel. You do this by clicking on start (or the windows icon) in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then you need to click on the Control Panel option on your right.

Find The FONTS Folder Within Your Control Panel.

Once you open your Control Panel within your start menu locate a folder titled FONTS. You will need to double click the icon to open it up.

Go Back To Your Unzipped File And Copy Your New Font.

While keeping your FONTS folder open in one window go back to the NEW font you unzipped. You will need to right click on the new font and then click COPY.

Go Back To Your FONTS FOLDER Within Control Panel.

Now that you have the new font copied on your clipboard you will need to go back to your FONTS folder. Once you get there you will need to right click and PASTE your new file into your FONT folder.

Congratulations! You Just Added A New Font!

Can you believe it was this easy to add a new font to your Paint.NET program? If you open Paint.NET you should be able to test your new font. Click on the FONT button on the left, and then scroll down to look up your new FONT by its name.

See the photo below for my end result. Notice how your new font has been added to your font selections.

Repeat these steps for every new font you want to add to your Paint.NET program.
Now go out and find yourself some fonts. By using this tutorial guide on adding fonts to Paint.NET you should have the ability to create all sorts of cool graphics. ENJOY YOUR NEW FONTS!