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  1. Daniel F. says:

    Thanks for sharing your schedule. Do you work full-time at your day job? And do you have any commute time in there, or is that working remotely too?

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Great question. Yes, I work full time. I actually start my day job at 7:00am and work till 3:30-4:00. I work remotely half the week and in the office the other half. I tend to leave the office around 3:30 with a 20 minute commute home and when I work remotely I work closer to 4:00 depending on my workload.

  2. Josh Escusa says:

    That’s a good idea to build schedules especially if you have a day job. I’m actually in that boat right now and while I could probably leave my job tomorrow, I’d like to get my online income to be a sustainable 5 figures first.

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Josh I agree. While I love side projects and niche sites they aren’t always dependable. For me, right now, its too risky to go all in and to have a potential Algorithm switch wipe out my income.

  3. David says:

    Nick, I think your schedule looks right although I consider time with wife = working time!

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hey David. I bet my wife would argue the same thing for when she’s spending time with me! Setting time aside with my wife has only helped our relationship which is super crucial given how much time and effort our 3 kiddos take from us each and every day!