SEO Migration M Dot to Responsive Design – SEOForLunch Issue #48

SEO Migration M Dot to Responsive Design – SEOForLunch Issue #48

Issue #48
September 19th, 2017

Hey, lunch buddies.  Last week the entire Ovative/group office took a day ‘off’ to go river rafting.  It was a first for me but certainly won’t be the last.  It was a lot of fun and its amazing how some decent the rapids can get even in Minnesota.  For those who do this regularly, we went through class III rapids at the craziest point.

On top of that craziness, I was able to register for Pubcon in November.  Really looking forward to the conference as I’ve never been.  If you’ll be in Vegas, send me a note, would love to meet in person.

What You Must Know

Article: How to move from m-dot URLs to responsive site

What’s important?
Are you currently running mobile and desktop websites? Google will share with you exactly how you should migrate to a fully responsive website.

Nick’s take:
It’s good to see Google coming out with some more SEO content.  While this migration piece is a bit basic, its something that can have a huge impact if not done correctly.  Kudos to Google for producing this.

SEO Tips & Advice

Brighton SEO was just the other day and Jennifer Slegg from chatted it up with Google’s own Gary Illyes.  I’ll let you read the full Q&A but below is the main takeaway regarding Google algorithm updates.

I would say that for the vast majority – and I’m talking about probably over 95%, 98% of the launches – is not actionable for the webmasters. And that’s because we may change, for example, which keywords from the page we pick up because we see, let’s say that people in a certain region put up the content differently and we want to adapt to that.

And then we test that in English as well, of course, but if the change internally, when we pass the update internally, if the change is minuscule then we are going to launch it anyway, if we cannot improve for example Indonesian.

Interesting Reads in Your Spare Time

That’s everything for this week folks.  As always, feel free to connect with metweet me or hit reply to email me directly. I respond to all emails personally.


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