September 2013 Income Report

September was an awesome month.  I welcome two beautiful twin girls into the world.  Unfortunately, this September income report is not so awesome.  You’ll notice that this income report is substantially below the norm but i’ll also show the work that’s been put in place recently and the extremely positive results i’m seeing.

First off let’s start with a screen shot of the organic search traffic from the now not amazon website (more on that here) Best Canister


Yeah. That’s bad.   I essentially disappeared from the SERPS around mid September.  To make matters worse, my niche website interview with Spencer Haws went live on NichePursuits right before the site dipped.  A lot of people questioned how this website made nearly $500 a month when it couldn’t be found anywhere in the SERPS.  I explained my rational and what I did to turn the website around here.

In addition to some site performance concerns I was also thrown one more mega twist from SkimLinks.  They were going to start enforcing the Amazon ban on affiliates that live in states that require collecting taxes on good sold online.  What this meant was that I had to switch the entire website from Amazon affiliate program to other merchants like KMART, WAL-MART and TARGET.

The drop in traffic really killed me but i’m also finding that my conversions are dropping when sending traffic to sites other then  Below you’ll see the income from this website in which 90% was generated BEFORE the traffic dropped and BEFORE i had to switch from amazon.


What’s Happening?

Once the Vacuum site hit its all time low in traffic and income I look a moderate risk and switched almost everything up.  I redesigned the website completely, remove the WPZONBUILDER plugin (which created Amazon product pages) and also restructured the affiliate linking.  I am now using SkimLinks server side redirects to append my affiliate IDs.  This allows me to link out to the product pages without having to include my affiliate ID in the URL which can look spammy to users and maybe bad to the search engines (this is why people cloak their affiliate links).  Since I don’t want to send any SEO value to my competition I always no-follow my outbound affiliate links.  I thought having 10+ no-follow links per page might look a bit unnatural so I removed 90% of the text affiliate links and added them to images on the website.  Finally, I purchased a link building package through THEHOTH.COM to help further diversify my link building portfolio.  Definitely worth the $$$ in my book.  Look at the turnaround i’m starting to see!


You can also see that i’ve returned to the first page of Google as well.  Here is a screen shot from SERPfox the tool I use to track rankings – specifically the keyword “Best Canister Vacuum”.


Tools I Use For Selecting and Building My Niche Sites

Since starting my various niche website projects I have had a few people ask me what I use to determine my niches, keywords, and how I build my sites.  Below are a few tools that I rely on to help build sites.  These links are affiliate links so if you purchase through one thanks in advance.  I would recommend these tools regardless of the affiliate offering so if you want to feel free to Google search the product name and it will avoid giving me a small referral bonus. Don’t worry – it’s all good – It’s completely up to you but still check out these tools and services!


For a keyword research & niche site selection tool I have been utilizing Long Tail Pro which you can get a free 10 day trial here.  You can also read my official review on the software too.


THEHOTH.COM is a great link building service for build well rounded link profiles.  I use them specifically to diversify my anchor text ratios so that I can send my most valuable links to my money website with the strongest anchor text.





I use HostGator for my web hosting.  They also own SEOHosting which will allow you to utilize multiple IP addresses if your interested in scaling your niche website creation or even building links through expired domains. Use promo code “25OFFNICHEHOSTING” to save 25%

Plans For October

I’m a bit late posting this income report as we head into the second half of October.  The good news is that with all the work i’ve put into the vacuum site and the results i’ve seen i’m simply going to take it easy and post new content each week.  Where I want to focus my time is on the insurance niche website I’ve been struggling with lately.   I’ve recently picked up a few expired domains that i’m going to leverage into creating awesome links back to that website.  I also went ahead and purchased another THEHOTH.COM package for that website too.  My goal is to use TheHOTH as a way to diversify my anchor text so that when I set up the links on the expired domains that I can used extremely optimized anchor text to push quality signals to the website without pushing my anchor text ratios skyhigh.  I think i’ll see some great results from this technique.  Of course, i’ll keep you all updated in next months income report!!

How did all of your guys’ websites do in September?

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Nick LeRoy

I'm a husband, father to three, obsessed Vikings fan and SEO Manager at Ovative/group.. Learn more about me here and consider signing up for the weekly #SEOForLunch newsletter to stay up to date with SEO best practices and industry news.

17 thoughts on “September 2013 Income Report

  1. Nice to see things turn around for you Nick. This just goes to show me once again that I will at some point need to reach out to a link building service for some of my sites that are not performing as well as I had hoped.

    For the affiliate link re-directs, how did you set this up? Do you use a plugin that cloaks the URL?

    1. Definitely consider TheHoth for some of the basic web 2.0 and layered link building. It’s not going to skyrocket you to #1 but it will compliment any manual link building you do on your own. Good Luck!!

  2. Congrats on the twins Nick! I couldn’t imagine having 2 kids at once lol.

    Good to see your vacuum site bouncing back. I think I am going to need to try the Hoth for 1 of my sites. It dropped off like your site, around the same time and still hasn’t bounced back.

    I look for ward to seeing how your insurance site comes along.

    1. For $60 it’s really a small risk. As I mentioned about to MMD its not going to send you to #1 by itself but really compliments any additional link building you do yourself.

  3. That’s some nice movement you’ve had since using The Hoth. But I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit sketchy about using paid links, especially while admitting to do so. But you seem to be seeing good results from it. I’ll keep following your progress with it.

    @MMD, Nick said he’s using SkimLinks server side redirects to hide his affiliate links. I use Eclipse Link Cloaker to accomplish the same thing. I don’t know about Skimlinks, but I’m quite happy with how Eclipse works.

    1. Hey Tim – of course its a little risky, but these days everyone could claim that every type of link building is “purchased links”. If it were to make you feel a little better you could always go out and build the web2.0 properties yourself. The value that THEHOTH offers is that they do it for you and they have a lot of other sites that they link to your web2.0 properties to make sure they stay in the index.

      Once again – THEHOTH isn’t top grade links nor should you expect that for $60.00. It’s really just a great compliment to an existing link building strategy to make sure your anchor text ratios stay low in this Penguin run world. 🙂

      1. That makes sense. And yeah, essentially anything done to manipulate page rank is against Google’s basic guidelines. I still think I’ll wait to see how your site goes. 😉

        And best of luck with it!

        BTW, because of your posts, I started a new Amazon affiliate blog about network routers.

        1. Yup, absolutely. It’s all about finding the right mix. 🙂

          Good luck on your Amazon site! I love hearing that I can inspire someone. Hope you make a few bucks too!

      2. Hi, Nick

        Your new amazing life will begin. Kids are really cute and they will make you happy everyday. 🙂

        By the way, I have a site dropped like yours and I want to decrease the anchor text ratio. So I have two questions for your help:

        1. How do you use TheHOTH to decrease the anchor text ratios? Does it need a special setting?

        2. Did you set the Volume Module point to your money site ( Or to the Authority Moudle posts?

        I want to order one HOTH mini to try, but need to know how you set it up. So I don’t make mistake.

        Of course, I will buy from your link. Or I will feel guilty LOL. As you provide so much great information for us.

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Eric, Thsnks! I have one 2 year old already but these girlies are amazing. Definitely ready for the life changes coming ahead. 🙂

          As for your questions:

          1. How do you use TheHOTH to decrease the anchor text ratios? Does it need a special setting?

          No, simply utilize all 5 anchor text options for each URL submitted. Using all 5 will help you add a wider anchor text ratio to your overall backlink portfolio.

          2. Did you set the Volume Module point to your money site ( Or to the Authority Moudle posts?

          Yep – I pointed it all to my money site. Just make sure to use generic keywords and naked URLs ( This will help you decrease the ratios you currently have.

          GOOD LUCK! let me know if it works and thanks in advance if you decide to go through my link!

  4. Nick, first and most importantly, congrats on the kids!! That is what life is all about!

    As far as Hoth, you went with the $60 package? Why did you choose that versus the others… just out of curiosity. Just looking to see where your mind was.

    Good luck with all those diapers!

    1. Hey Adam – Thanks for the note on the kids. They are the best thing thats happened to me. Talk about the ultimate motivation to wake up each morning. Nothing like it.

      I personally have only used the $60 hoth mini package though i’ve heard others having success with the larger packages too. While some people use these packages a little more aggressively (exact anchor text) I like to use it to further diverisify links and change up the anchor text ratios. The domain authority if any is just an “extra” for me.

      Hope that helps explain why / how i use THEHOTH. Let me know if you use it and if you have any feedback or tips you want to share!

  5. Hi, Nick

    Just let you know I ordered theHOTH mini through your link. Now wating for order approval. Hope it works on my site also. I will let you know the result later. 🙂

    By the way, can you advise some places to outsource site content with reasonable price and quality? Specially like the articles you put on Did you write them by yourself or outsource to some where?

    I struggled in content creation for long and didn’t have much success on oursourcing. Any advice will be appreciated very much.


    1. Great. Best of luck Eric – hope it gives your site the lift you need.

      I’ll be writing a post soon on what i do for content. Briefly, I use and I pay roughly $5 an article for the vacuum website.

      1. Can’t believe you can get the articles with such as reasonable price. I will check this two source first. But I hope can see your new post about the content production soon. I am sure you will give more value information we need. Thanks in advance!

  6. Hey Nick,

    When you are using the Hoth do you have all links point to your money site or to your tiered links?

    1. Yes, I’m using thehoth directly to my money site and not as a tiered strategy. Remember though – I’m not blasting keyword anchor text to the site. I’m simply using broad relevant words that describe my site to further diversify my anchor text ratios.

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