The Income Report Returns! February 2014

The previous income reports published contained data from two prior public niche websites that I have since sold.  I mentioned that I wasn’t going to post income reports until I actually had something worth sharing.  For those not familiar with my latest public project I launched after reading all of your comments.  I’m happy to report the return of the monthly income reports.  Unlike the Pat Flynn’s and Spencer Haws’ in this world you won’t be seeing any 5 figure monthly reports here.  I’m a normal guy like all of you and want to document the effort and rewards for simply working hard.  I’m hoping that in addition to publicly growing this website it will also motivate some of you that might not have yet launched their own websites.   On to the money!

February Income Report

The Baltimore auto insurance started the year off with a $90 payout.  After tweaking the website a little bit, adding some more links I was able to nab a top 3 spot in Google for ‘Baltimore Car Insurance’ and generate a $117.38 through lead generation.   While this isn’t going to make me rich it’s great to see a return after a few months of hard work.   I’m flirting with a few different ways to track this websites income via these income reports and have decided to post the ever so popular graph chart.


As of today the site is ranking #2 for various car insurance keyword phrases in the Baltimore area.   It previously was jumping around positions 7-4 so im anxious to see how traffic and leads will be effected by the newly acquired rankings.


 Tools & Strategies

Since starting my various public niche website projects I have had a few people ask me what I use to determine my niches, keywords, and how I build my sites.  Below are a few tools that I rely on to help build sites.  These links are affiliate links so if you purchase through one THANK YOU in advance.  I would recommend these tools regardless of the affiliate offering so if you want to – feel free to Google search the product name and it will avoid giving me a small referral bonus. Don’t worry – it’s all good – It’s completely up to you but still check out these tools and services!


For a keyword research & niche site selection tool I have been utilizing Long Tail Pro which you can get a free 10 day trial here.  You can also read my official review on the software too.



THEHOTH.COM is a great link building service for build well rounded link profiles.  I use them specifically to diversify my anchor text ratios so that I can send my most valuable links to my money website with the strongest anchor text.




I use HostGator for my hosting.  They also own SEOHosting which will allow you to utilize multiple IP addresses if your interested in scaling niche website creation or building links through expired domains. Use promo code “25OFFNICHEHOSTING” to save 25%

TO DO: March

I will continue to strive for that #1 spot in Google.  To do this I will continue to build more links to the website.  Expired domain link building has done a lot for this website but the tiered link building through web2.0 properties certainty helps with increasing linking domains and keeping my anchor text as reasonable levels.  This is the main reason I suggest THEHOTH as a reliable anchor text diversification link package.  Can’t complain too much for the cheap price they charge.

I told myself that if this website was successful that I would look into making the sites design responsive.  I’m not sure if at this point i’ll pay someone on oDesk to convert the existing design or if i’ll do something completely new.  I really would like to see my rankings level out so that I can accurately test different conversion rate optimization campaigns.

How Did Your Projects Fair In Feb?


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6 thoughts on “The Income Report Returns! February 2014

  1. Glad to hear you’re back! I always enjoy income reports. Congrats on the top 3 ranking for your keyword!

    1. Thanks Daniel – looking forward to seeing if it makes me some extra $$$. Rankings are nothing if they dont drive traffic and convert!

  2. Glad to see the income reports again! They are always very encouraging. I actually just posted my own yesterday. $935 last month! I’m surprised that for you bring in the Top 10 and ranking so well that the commissions aren’t higher.

    1. 935 is fantastic! Congrats. I’m expecting a much better month now that i’m ranking in the top 3. All of February I was jumping between #7-#3 and all the local results are listed after the top 3 organic listings. IE if i wasn’t top 3+ I was invisible. So here’s to another strong month for both of us!

  3. Congrats nick! It’s nice to see you back in top 3. Have you considered to do a directory of micro niche sites in the insurance business? A competitor of yours it’s doing that with good results!

    1. I have a lot of ideas and very little time these days. I’ll have to search out that site you talk about. Sounds like a great strategy. 🙂

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