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  1. I clicked here to read the article thinking that someone would finally publish a recent test and be fully transparent. It would be nice to know if you’re using an exact match domain and if your main keyword is the same as the domain name. I understand you wanting to keep things secret, but If you could share more details to help us understand the test in greater detail, that would be awesome.

    Best wishes for continued success in affiliate marketing in 2013!


    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hey Rick, my apologies for not being clear. I thought the screen shot and the list of requirements outlined that I was looking for exact match domains. This particular site is a three word keywords phrase that I was able to register the exact match domain.

      To further clarify i went into the post and added that the exact match domain was available.

      • Cool. Thanks for the update. Keep us posted on the outcome. Over the last 6 months I’ve tried the same thing a couple of times and after initially knocking it out of the park, Big G came back and bitch-slapped the domains. It seems that you can get out the door and be successful with thinner/short term affiliate websites but then Big G returns and says, wait a minute I thought…. and then they knock you way down.

        I recently read a great post from Adii Pienaar of WooThemes talking about focus. As someone who once had over a dozen affiliate websites running at one time, I’m down to 3 in 2013.

        Again, keep us posted.


        • Nick LeRoy says:

          I’ll definitely check out that post, thanks!

          I hear you on the temporary success on these types of sites. In fact that’s why I’m trying to build out some good content even if it is only about 5 pages per site. I think as long as the content is unique and “quality” that a site might stick around for such non competitive keywords.

          Of course any link building will have to be as non evasive as possible too. Which is kinda an oxymoron with SEO :)

      • hi Nick

        congrats for your results!

        did you check the keyword rank competitiveness with LTP platinum version or how did you feel confident in that particular keyword?

        also, for your rankings… did you drive traffic to just your home page, or did you back-link to internal pages too?

        keep up the great work, and I look forward for next reports…


  2. Gaz Copeland says:

    Hey Nick,

    Really interesting article and something I’ve also been thinking about doing more of in 2013, I might give your tips a try! I do have to disagree sightly on your thinking behind the phrase which was further down the buying process. ““godaddy vs hostgator hosting” vrs “cheap web hosting”.

    To my mind somebody searching for specific providers has already done a bit of research on the topic and has narrowed it down to just 2 products, these are the guys with their wallets out. “Cheap web hosting” seems a very generic and less informed search phrase personally.

    At the risk of making myself sound stupid, I have a few questions….

    First of all why would you want to rule out a niche where the CPC is less than 50 cents? Surely the cheaper the better if you are looking to buy traffic to the site?

    Secondly do you consider the average purchase price in the niche? If you’re looking at something like web hosting at a few dollars per year you’re going to get less return than electric goods are a few hundred dollars right?

    Thirdly (and finally :) ) 2 hours to research a topic and write at least 2,500 words of content. Is that right? Even if you take the minimum number of words and give no time to content that’s 21 words per minute.

    Thanks again for an interesting post, looking forward to the next one. No doubt I will have more questions ;)


    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hey Gaz, let me try to cover your questions first.

      1. You’re right but i’m not looking to buy traffic for these sites. I’m looking to take advantage of the super low competition in organic rankings so that I can get organic traffic to the site. I want a CPC of above 50 cents because when/if people click on the adsense on the site I want it to pay more than a super small amount.

      2. With Adsense i’m not too concerned with the price of the item since I get paid by each click or “lead” I send to a website. If i’m going to make it an affiliate site then absolutely I would keep in consideration of item price and purchase frequency. Make sense?

      3. This particular website topic I had a little knowledge to begin with. With the combination of wikipedia, about and eHow I was able to gather enough knowledge to write comprehendable content that I feel still offers value.

      Finally, “cheap web hosting” vs “godaddy vs hostgator” might not be the best example. I don’t disagree with what you said so better example could be “Kitchenaid blenders” vs “Recipes for Kitchenaid Blenders”. The second term isn’t likely one that an individual looking to buy a blender but already owns one.

  3. Nick LeRoy says:

    Sure do. They might not have the initial ranking “value” they might once have had but their still valuable.

  4. Chris says:

    I’ve done this with tons and tons of small niche sites. What is effecting a lot now is the size of the site for certain search terms. I know it sounds stupid but some things are messed up now. Number of indexed pages on the site is now a variable of what I choose to go into. If a niche site holds the ranking and has a million indexed pages.. Kiss your idea good bye.

    I’ve been having better luck with finding an expired domain with a niche keyword in the domain and using that. The older the goes back, the better. I hate how google is working right now…

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hey Chris, sorry for the delayed response.

      Thanks for the tips. Until now, small “niche” sites really wasn’t my thing. But I figured I’d give it a shot and see how profitable (if at all) they can still be. I’m finding out that im more or less trading my link building time with extensive keyword research time.

      I’m going to shoot you an e-mail today to follow up with a few questoins about expired domains.

  5. Ian Howells says:

    Setup looks good.

    My main area of focus would be around the shoulder/tail terms for this. By my estimates, your main term is only going to be worth about $10 a month. Find 9 related terms with similar stats and rank those as well, and we’re talking.

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Thanks for the tips Ian. The small niche arena is definitely new to me so I enjoy playing with something new.

      Your numbers aren’t all that off. With ranking for that specific word + some additional long trail phrases bounding around #5-#12 this site has brought in about $6 this month. Though with the traffic i’m pulling in at #5-#12 I imagine the traffic estimate originally given is VERY conservative.