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  1. MMD says:

    Hoping to see some sweet income reported next month. Your rank position is not bad at all. I’m still clawing at no. 25 for my insurance niche site.

  2. Tim says:

    My English isn’t great but is there two typos in here “effected my Penguin” :P

    100% agree on anchor text, IMO opinion the lower the better, with only a tiny amount of EM from the best properties.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Nick

    The site looks great. I hope you kill it with that site. I love the minimalism of it, definitely keeping it simple. What theme or you using? Maybe in a future post you can let us know the progress of your link building i find a lot of people including myself would like to outsource that seeing how time consuming and tedious its but are scared about a penalties from google.



    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hi Mike – sorry for the late response. I utilized a theme that is offered on WordPress for free. I then paid someone on oDesk about $20.00 to modify the header and make it customizable via the widgets. This allows me to add my conversion form.

      Thanks for the future post suggestions. I always want to write about stuff you guys are interested in reading!!

  4. Nicko says:

    You running a SEO company and buy links from other services, i don`t understand? And blackhat as well, I am comfused?

  5. Nicko says:

    This is the first time I am visiting your site, did not ask that question to be rude or anything (just delete this message)

    - Nicko

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Hi Nicko! Glad you stopped by. This website and my personal websites utilize different techniques then my company. I tend to make many more ‘risky’ decisions and tactics since it only effects my bottom line. We are a little more conservative in using our more successful tactics for out clients.

      No worry about being rude. It’s all good and i’m glad I could clear that up. :)

  6. Nicko says:

    Cool! Yeah, I understand it’s an interest towards back hat again after backlink xxx and other newly released courses.
    Anyway, I am fan og high PR guest post, I somethimes outsource it as well.

    I will keep on following you, thanks for answer.

    - Nicko