March 2014 Income Report

Welcome to the March version of the income report.  The site has continued to rise in the SERPs and i’m happy to say that i’ve conquered the top organic position for my primary keyword phrases.  While the rankings continue to bounce around the income bounces as well.  I’m very interested to see what the earning potential for this site with some more stable rankings.

March Income Report

I continued to see improved earnings as I went from $117.39 in February to $179.64 in March.  As my rankings continue to stabilize at the top we’ll start to really see what the earning potential is of this website.  Right now 99% of the income is generated from traffic coming into the homepage.  Rankings are internal pages are really good but I imagine the search volume simply isn’t there.


I’m excited to announce that I have finally ranked the site for the  #1 organic position  and have maintained this ranking for the last few weeks.  The last few weeks have shown the earning potential between ranking number #2 and #1.   I had a single day that brought in roughly 8 leads which paid out just shy of $80.00.  On average this site brings in 1-3 leads so to see the site explode (if only for one day) is very exciting.    Below is a screen shot tracking my rank for my primary keyword phrase.

serpsTools & Strategies

Since starting my various public niche website projects I have had a few people ask me what I use to determine my niches, keywords, and how I build my sites. Below are a few tools that I rely on to help build sites. These links are affiliate links so if you purchase through one THANK YOU in advance. I would recommend these tools regardless of the affiliate offering so if you want to – feel free to Google search the product name and it will avoid giving me a small referral bonus. Don’t worry – it’s all good – It’s completely up to you but still check out these tools and services!


For a keyword research & niche site selection tool I have been utilizing Long Tail Pro which you can get a free 10 day trial here. You can also read my official review on the software too.



THEHOTH.COM is a great link building service for build well rounded link profiles. I use them specifically to diversify my anchor text ratios so that I can send my most valuable links to my money website with the strongest anchor text.




I use HostGator for my hosting. They also own SEOHosting which will allow you to utilize multiple IP addresses if your interested in scaling niche website creation or building links through expired domains. Use promo code “25OFFNICHEHOSTING” to save 25%

TO DO: April (and moving forward)

So now the sad news.  I’m going to end my coverage of this public niche website.  Why? To be honest, i’ve seen too many other bloggers have their websites sabotaged by negative SEO or by other people mimicking their sites and outranking them.  This website was never intended to be built into a monster authority websites so I won’t likely be doing a whole lot of extra work to it anyways.  I will however, continue to post income reports and am debating to what extent I share income from other projects I work on.  If you have a strong feeling one way or another feel free to leave a comment.

I have a few other events going on that will potentially change the direction of this website.  I am still very interested in blogging about passive income from various internet marketing related activities but have a plan that i’m still ironing the kinks out of.  Stay tuned.  Hopefully i’ll have that blog post written and published shortly!

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Nick LeRoy is a SEO consultant that blogs about controversial SEO strategies and attempts to build websites that make him money.

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  • Spencer @ Must Adapt SEO

    Hey Nick, great work on dominating the top spots! I know what you mean about publicly announcing earnings etc from your money sites, it’s a risky business. Did the Hoth service that you ordered work well?

  • Reggie

    Good job man!

    I’m still working on the vacuum site to get it back up to first page. Slowly breaking into the 5th page now, so not stellar results, but then again, it hasn’t been my main focus right now, haha.

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