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  1. MMD says:

    Going down in rank is never fun, but I’d still be happy to be at least on page 1. One of my niche sites disappeared completely from the rankings altogether and I’m not too happy about that. I totally agree with taking it easy on over-optimization. I’m just about to start another new site and I’m serious considering avoiding using my full keyword in the URL.

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Yes. I agree. Avoiding keywords in URL is definitely something to consider these days. It’s really easy to over optimize your website now.

  2. The SERPS lately have been out of control to say the least… Testing can’t even answer some of the results I’m seeing. Your not the only one Nick haha

    Please delete first comment :)

  3. David says:

    Nick, it’s great to see you again in the TOP 3 for your main keyword. Are you going to do an update of the backlinks adjustments?

    I’m testing a lot with different anchor text ratios, the process it’s tedious but it’s good to have a average metric that works for you.

  4. Samuel says:

    Ranking up and down in Google is common for all pages in the search engine.

    There could be reasons it was bumped down and Google only knows this obviously.

    My SEO efforts are always going to be made of high-quality links in today’s strategy.

    Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work!

    - Sam