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  1. Greg Nunan says:

    That’s a solid result for a juicy niche. Look forward to seeing the results a month from now. How are your sub pages ranking?

  2. Greg Nunan says:

    p.s. Wondering if just a couple more expired domain links and maybe a couple outbound links to authority will be enough to bump up the ranking to pos 1. Tiered link building takes so much time compared to building links from an established PBN (of course the PBN takes time upfront to build, but once it’s done with flexible sites the time saving ongoing is huge).

    • Nick LeRoy says:

      Greg – I agree that PBN links offer the most value. However, one goal of the sites I share publicly on this blog is to diversify my link building. So while i’ve built quite a fee PBNs already, i’m going to see how other tactics work too. I’m in the process of building out a semi-automated tiered link strategy. We’ll see if it works :)

  3. Hasan Latif says:

    Happy New Year Nick! I will look forward to see the keywords progress in the next coming months.

  4. Nick LeRoy says:

    Happy new years to you too Hasan! I don’t plan on disappointing – see you around for future updates.

  5. MMD says:

    You should be able to make some good money now with a ranking like that. l’ll be interested to see how the income report turns out. Nice work!

  6. Reggie says:

    Nice, man! What a great niche, too. Really interested to see the ROI on this