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One of the most effective link building strategies since the birth of SEO has always been building out your own link networks.  The concept is really simple.  Build up your own network of websites and use them to link back to your other websites typically referred to as “money sites”.  Notice I mentioned the concept is simple, not the actual strategy necessary to effectively build a link network.   There are a lot of resources that do a better job explaining what a link network or PBN (Private Blog Network) so I won’t even attempt to cover this topic again.  What I will mention is that one of the keys to building a network that doesn’t leave footprints (common traits between all websites) is to have each website on its own hosting account and unique IP address.  If you have ever purchased hosting through Hostgator or Godaddy you’ve seen that the costs typically start at about $50+ for 6 months of shared web hosting.  You can see how having 10-20-30 or even 100+ websites within your PBN can get extremely expensive.


Some might suggest that you add multiple websites to a single host but then you run into the first footprint issue in building a quality PBN… unique IP addresses and physical server location.  Doing simply math for a 50 site PBN on unique hosting through Hostgator or Godaddy would (at minimum) cost you $5000 FOR JUST ONE YEAR OF PBN WEB HOSTING!


Even using my 25% off affiliate promo code “network hosting” brings the cost to 89.95 per year per account.  This drops your entire hosting cost by nearly $500 but $4497.50 is still too expensive.  This promo code and deal is better used for hosting your money sites as you’ll want the reliability that some of my cheaper but less reliable hosting alternatives can’t offer. More on this later in the post. 



What about SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting for those not familiar is a specific type of hosting that allows you to have unique IP addresses for your websites all within a single host.  SEO hosting is very popular with individuals that want all of their hosting needs available behind a single login.  Their is absolutely no question that SEO Hosting can save time but it doesn’t come without cost or even risk.


SEO hosting is much cheaper then setting up individual shared hosting account but while you get unique IP addresses the servers are (typically) located in one spot.  Some people say diversification of server location is very important for building a PBN.  This is something you need to decide when building your own network.  Are you willing to add just a little extra risk for the convenience that SEO Hosting offers?


Below are just a few SEO Hosting options that a lot of people have had success with.  Hint… deals only get better as you scroll down this post! – $2400 for 50 IPs & hosting per year. is owned and operated by HostGator.  Just like their shared hosting – they offer great reliability (In my experience) but their prices are no where near cheap.  There are better deals on SEO hosting and IMO HostGator should be used specifically to host your money site.

seohostingcom – $2136 for 50 unique IP addresses per year. is a cheaper alternative to  I personally haven’t used them but have read good things about their services through the years.  For a PBN I still think $2k+ is too much but if cutting cost isn’t a concern of yours and your looking to build out 1000+ site PBNs it might just be something you want to look at.

aseohosting – $3508 OR $900 for 50 unique IPs per year. is new to me.  After digging into their services and talking to some of their reps this would be the company I would use if I were looking for an all in one type SEO hosting solution.  Unlike other SEO hosting companies actually has a multi-server location service in addition to the unique IP addresses.   This solution is the most expensive of all mentioned in this post but cuts down the risks of having all your sites IPs and hosting located in one location.  Alternatively, has a package for 50 unique IPs at a stellar price!   Granted the risk of single location servers is still present


I talked to Taylor one of the representatives of this company and he agreed to offer a unique promo code “NETWORKHOSTING” to save 15% off your invoice.  Below you’ll see how it effects the pricing for each of their offerings.


*note* they only had a 25 IP / 4 location option available on their website. I simply selected BI-ANNUAL payment to illustrate cost for 50 IPs in diverse locations.  You will need to consult for final pricing.25-4location

Below you’ll find one of the best SEOHosting deals for 50+ unique IPs and web hosting for a year.  With the 15% off promo code (NETWORKHOSTING) you’re looking at $765.00.  Nearly half the price of the alternatives.


$765.00 is actually a pretty good deal.  Even if you piece together individual clearance web hosting for each of your 50 PBN sites it’s not going to be a lot cheaper.  The benefit to seeking out individual bargain hosting accounts is further diversification of your PBNs IPs and server locations.


Setting Up Individual Bargain Hosting Accounts

If you have more time than money and want to be ultra conservative when setting up your PBN (limiting foot prints) then using individual hosting accounts per website within your PBN is going to be the safest route.  If you search hard enough you can find web hosts that offer you a shared hosting account for $1-$3 per month.  Assuming we average each hosting account at $2/month and go with our 50 site PBN example used in this post – that’s a total cost of $1200.00 per year in hosting.  For some people this amount will justify scrolling back up and getting the $765 SEO hosting account.  For the rest of you that like the extra control of your PBN’s let’s continue forward.


What I have done is searched the web for some of the very best web hosting deals that fall in this $1-$4 per month price range.  Sometimes with the right promo codes you can score a full year of hosting for as little as $8.00. Below is a sample list of 24 hosts that fall within this price range. I haven’t used all of them personally but its a good rule of thumb that you shouldn’t expect the absolute best service but they are absolutely perfect for small niche PBN sites. As an extra bonus, all hosts I found and listed below are cpanel friendly which makes one-click wordpress installs extremely easy!

Want A List Of 50 Hosts w/ Pricing and Promo Codes?

I have put together an excel document listing the 24 hosts mentioned above along with 26 others AND added each of their yearly prices, promo codes that i’ve found to save you money and server locations.  Absolutely none of these contain affiliate links so all I ask is that you kindly share this post to get full access to this list.


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